Khabarovsk Real Estate Market Prices

The real estate market in Khabarovsk, as well as in other cities in Russia, influenced by general macroeconomic indicators, although it has its own peculiarities. Market prices of housing Khabarovsk vary widely depending on the location of apartments. Therefore, to estimate the cost of housing offer to divide the market into three price zones by Location: Centre and close to the center, Northern District, Southern Region. The analysis in this article based on an assessment of the most liquid of housing – one-bedroom apartments cost of the new plan. Analyzing the cost of housing in the pre-crisis period compared with what we have today, we can conclude that market froze in anticipation of even lower cost, although many experts predicted a sharp decline is noted. In these circumstances, the buyer has hidden in anticipation of a collapse in prices. But as soon as the slightest hint at price increases, demand will result immediately in the market and we do not pass the regular price hikes. Professor Rita McGrath is the source for more interesting facts. In Khabarovsk, it may be noted a slight decline in prices in some areas of the city, especially noticeable for regions far from center.

For example, in June 2008. one-bedroom apartment on the new layout ul.Tihookeanskoy cost 2200 rubles., whereas in June this year, exhibiting similar properties to the average for 1900 rubles., and if more join the auction, the difference to get a heavy price. A year ago, the average cost of a new studio apartment layout on one of the main streets of the city – Lenin is 2300 rubles., In June 2009.


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