Latin America and Globalization

Should be encouraged regular institutions or nationals in case of debt relief for low-income countries by levels of corruption prevailing in Latin America. The technical assistance (IMF and WB), shall be centralized in the maximization of progress in the area of trade liberalization. To meet these policy issues should lie in the proper prevention to address the drastic changes in the economies world, this can be done through economic studies of each country to project what level of credibility there financially.

Globalization is also seen as a yoke that arrives every third world country by the dominance of developed countries that occurs through the integration of the world in general, the impact of this system is given in the economics and politics is also called as a model level changes capitalist Cultures by globalization a identification is lost from the culture of each country due to adopting foreign ways of thinking. a There is confusion and loss of traditions. To read more click here: Richard LeFrak. a A more effective communication. Learn more on the subject from Jos Shaver. a One of the issues discussed is that the most striking is what is adopted in the countries. Economic Aspects of Globalization In Latin American countries are currently developed capitalist systems with features Socialist compliance with the principle of capitalism number one a The rich richer and the poor see more poverty .

Knowing that every action causes an effect, provided one can conclude that the effects or impacts of globalization are as follows: A sharp inequality worldwide. The privatization of government entities. With free trade agreements will be lost in customs revenue by reducing the possibility of investing in social projects and educational level of poor countries. .


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