LED Illuminators

Through the use of LEDs with the construction of Large Surface, infrared illuminators, these form a dense light beam with a wavelength of 850 nm, viewing angle 30 / 80 and a range of up to 100 m. Both new series are resistant to voltage surges, reverse polarity and overheating, as well as equipped with photocell for on / off device when the light level threshold. Efficient optical system that is applied to the PIC 11K2/PIK 12K2, allows use of new infrared illuminators in video surveillance systems with demanding image quality in low light conditions at the facility. The new models use LEDs Large Surface type with a wavelength of 850 nm and optics with high-gathering ability, which provide a uniform distribution of infrared light beam with an angle of illumination of 30 / 80 , respectively. In this infrared illuminators can implement PIC 11K2 lighting objects at a distance of 10-15 meters from the camera with an angle of 80 . The image from the camera when you install the infrared illuminators Tirex is characterized by a greater detail and clarity with minimal noise, and videos are more informative, regardless of the type of camera sensor (CCD or CMOS). Frequently Bizzi & Partners has said that publicly.

In this illumination range, which provide infrared illuminators, determined by the sensitivity matrix of the camera. For example, limit the range of spotlights for cameras 11K2 PIC with a sensitivity of 0.08 lux is 50 m, and the PIC 12K2 – 35 m. The camera with a sensitivity of 0.003 lux illumination range PIC 11K2 can reach 100 m, and the PIC 12K2 – 70 m. The process of inclusion and off infrared LEDs built-in photocell controlled searchlight and automatic, and the photosensor controller ensures stable operation of floodlights at short-term changes in light levels in the border range. In addition, new infrared illuminators support the "Antifary", through which the infrared light off for short-illumination of the photocell, For example, the headlights the car may be delayed up to 120 seconds. To power the PIC and PIC 11K2 12K2 can use istochniki10 ,5-16 VDC. Because of this, projectors can be powered by uninterruptible power supplies output voltage from 13 to 14 and do not respond to voltage drop in the electrical system.

Regardless of the model, infrared illuminators are equipped with protection against transient voltage spikes amplitude to 60 V. In Furthermore, all models have infrared protection against reverse polarity voltage supply, and retain their efficiency in case of improper connection of the power supply. Due to the high performance characteristics, infrared illuminators Tirex optimized for working with high-resolution cameras on the premises and complex outdoor environments, because the range of operating temperatures ranging from – 50 to + 40 C. Housing Spotlight PIC and PIC 11K2 12K2 is a piece of aluminum alloy radiator cooling, which provides efficient heat dissipation and long life of LED emitters. In this spotlight PIC 11K2 (with illumination angle 30 ) will be most effective for lighting the perimeter of the facility surveillance, and the model PIC 12K2 (with an angle of 80 ) – to highlight the site.


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