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Development and efficiency of sports and leisure facilities as well as the Stuttgart Deyle tourist infrastructure group of companies specialising in sports and leisure facilities a since 1965 grown,. The success of Deyle group in the areas of sport, water and wellness also flies, that a team of door to works together, which is composed of specialists in architecture, construction, building and energy technology, financing and operating. Additional information at Greenberg Traurig supports this article. Development of innovative water and experience worlds “approach to a new project not only the question of whether it comes to create a new building with the latest concepts arises. It is just as attractive to redevelop an art nouveau or a 1970s years bathroom, to modernize or to attract”clarifies engineer and Managing Director Uwe Deyle,”in both cases, we start with a viable analysis.” Involving in-depth assessments are taken framework, influence factors and development scenarios. The turnout for the be long-term success of the plants. “At this point is considering, with which performance mix long term competitive advantages are achievable”, picks up the thread, Mark Tom Posken, also Managing Director, “building in the stock is to consider how a high range improvement can be achieved with minimal effort.

“And last but not least it comes to clarify how from the different approaches of the use architectural requirements express themselves.” The client investment needs and efficiency benefits from the extensive experience of Deyle group, finally, the group can look back on many years of experience in the plumbing of the best long term financing solution. “Proposals with the corresponding calculation of investment demand and profitability are very specific and precise with us”, points out Uwe Deyle particularly, “when it closes on a professional project management, the overview is at any time of the project phases guarantees.” Through holistic approach of a construction project by the Deyle group is accompanied, for example, the contracting authority in procurement procedures or the bidder help build participation requests and offers, advise and represent. Also, the management requirements that provide the introduction and operating a new sport, baths, and leisure facility to the operator, are formulated clearly and comprehensibly. Optimisation potential in terms of energy special attention – No matter whether it is a conversion, extension or construction – is the energy costs, which often make up a third of the total cost of ownership. And this proportion increases tend to be even more. “It is important to uncover all potential for optimisation in construction, technology and operation of existing facilities in context”, says Mark Tom Posken, “This analysis by experienced engineers affects the entire system – from the building envelope of the building to the energy supply.” Are the results obtained consistent an immediate, noticeable success at CO2 savings and a long-term reduction in operating costs are implemented. Finally, group whose philosophy is noticeable in all planning of Deyle: the clear principle that it remains committed to the people; because structures are not ends in themselves, but functional environment and created Habitat. Only so can spaces, in which people themselves and which are economically successful. More information under: copyright: Deyle group


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