Lighting in Homes

High level of security guaranteed low-voltage and low heat, and when you need high speed (for example, to stop signals), then there LEDs become indispensable because of their snap. Others will not Equally important are the advantages and built-subminiature light distribution. Lights based on LEDs are light, compact, flat and very easy to install and operate. Clearly that, as each fixture, the led has its drawbacks. They are due to the fact that a number of manufacturers, using a surge in popularity of led light sources, produce to the market "damp", not to Modified end products. Such LEDs have a problem with color, they are not clearly predicted service life. But, despite all the shortcomings, the introduction of LEDs, according to Russian scientists, is one of the most promising areas in the coverage. Developments in this direction within the state programs conducted by scientists from the United States, Japan, Korea, China and Australia.

Part of the electrical energy consumed for lighting, is the world's approximately 21% of the total electricity consumed. led – is a device with high efficiency converts electrical energy into light. New light sources, LEDs will save electricity, estimated billions of dollars, and solve some environmental problems associated with global warming. Led offensive on the market Lighting began with light signaling devices based on the use of colored light. The many advantages of LEDs are particularly evident. For example, a lamp-based LEDs of red light emission consumes 100 times (!) less electricity and is 100 times (!) longer than providing a similar effect incandescent lamp with red filter. Traffic lights, road stopsignaly, overall and obstruction lights, navigation marks waterways – in these areas LEDs quickly grab the lead.

This is not surprising: in conventional incandescent traffic lights require annual replacement, and led devices are 5-10 years, while consuming 5-10 times less electricity. The idea of replacing incandescent lamps with led counterparts are no longer perceived as weird. Substitutes based LEDs designed for low-voltage "galogenok, and for the lamps with other standard socket. The process of replacing the quickest runs in a mobile "applications" (bicycle headlamps, flashlights, lamps for all sorts of work: mining lamps, lamps for railway workers, Light rescue officers and many others). ooo Prokopyevsky Plant Lighting is a leader in the manufacture of lighting fixtures and lamps for various industries: mining the new led lights generation SGG5m05, ngr 06-4-003, smgv 1A-003 for coal mining, railway lights fra 01.01, 03.01 fra, fra 02.01 for the needs of Railways (conductors cars, assistant station, yardmaster) lights FOS-2, FOS3-5 / 6, FOS3S-5 / 6 for rescue officers, employees of traffic police services, housing and utilities.


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