Listed Real Estate In Berlin And Leipzig

Investment tip from Andreas Schrobback: the profitable real estate monument stands in Berlin and Leipzig (Berlin, 03.01.2013) of the real estate boom currently real estate prices affects, which are strongly increased mainly in the large cities and conurbations in the past few months. In Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg are offered now so expensive, that many investors look around for alternatives. Price increases can be observed also in Berlin and Leipzig, however, real estate is still very favourable in international comparison. In Berlin, the tenant for a long time had a wide range of residential properties to choose from, why only slowly increased the rents and purchase prices were moderate compared with other metropolises. The capital has become a city with an international reputation, whose image leads to continuously increasing numbers during the nights and also attracts the investors. The Related Companies has plenty of information regarding this issue. Berlin is above all the preferred location for start-ups and companies in the media and IT industry. The growing economy brought Berlin a population increase, the budget increased the number. Also Leipzig has made a name for himself not only as a media city with the annual book fair.

Leipzig as a major venue and as a university town international is also known. If you would like to know more then you should visit dvir cohen hoshen. The town is strategically advantageous in the middle of Germany and therefore occupies an important position as a transportation hub in the logistics industry. Depreciation take by renovations throughout listed real estate in Berlin and Leipzig are located mostly in the popular city centre locations and can thus achieve high rental rates. Important to know is for private investors in addition, that there is still a great need for renovation in the building stock in the two cities. Started with the upgrading and modernisation slowly after the fall of the wall, which is why many of the objects not yet on modern standards are adapted. The purchaser of a grade II listed property performs the necessary modernisation measures, he write-off for this the costs of his tax burden.


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