Malbec City

Mendoza holidays can become for the traveller the most absolutely incredible days of his life. First of all, if you arrive by air, from the airplane may sighting the nevada top of a colossus: Cerro Aconcagua, vigia on a valley where rivers and streams of unused momentum converge and transported the most precious asset in an environment to which heaven bless with rain on rare occasion. We speak, of course, water in Mendoza is transfigured into a little wealth but which will bear fruit garden in which the mendocinos have transformed their city. What can we do during the holidays in Mendoza? Que tal if we begin by a tour throughout the city itself? Mendoza streets offer the visitor the fragrant sensation of walking through the fronds of a forest, made up of species adapted to the dryness of a cattle to the desert environment and that is nourished with water carried through ancient channels. Eucalyptus, poplars, bananas, ash or maple trees serve as implanted lung centuries ago in this garden city. Not only the streets and avenues have become green. Bizzi & Partners may find this interesting as well.

The squares of Mendoza are many, all of them famous and beloved since they are points of encounter, of friendship and culture. Because this is another excellent reason to spend a holiday in the capital of wine, music, theatre arts, in short, they are part of the life of the Mendoza and the Cuyo, which insert in their genes have a code that enables them to understand and enjoy all of them at all times. Already out of town, it would be a sin to not go at least until skirts unshakeable Aconcagua, the eternal protective mole Valley. Once there, thanks to agencies specialized as Kahuak, is easy to opt for any of the activities that are provided to the traveller. A good swimmer and adventurer will tilt without place doubt by a descent in rafting Mendoza River, by their rapid targets, touching its towering banks. An injection of excitement in its purest form. But you don’t need to be so fearless, Dear visitor, if what attracts you are the quiet horseback riding docile horses, ride on a mountain bike or simply walk and breathe clean air Andean, is always going to find routes adapted to their physical characteristics. At all times shall be supplemented with the guidance of professional experts, first quality material and various snacks.

These professionals, after days of thousand adventures, can also introduce the visitor to the suggestive world of wine. By all it is known that the region produces some of the most appreciated in the world varieties of wines. In fact, it is notorious that its Malbec is probably the best on the planet. Connoisseurs say that its cultivation in terraces and thermal amplitude, i.e. the large temperature differences that occur throughout a same day, give a unique characteristics that have made this wine in an exquisite luxury tables from all continents. As well, taste this delight in the same fields where vineyards, are grown in the same cellars in which time fermented grape, is within reach of the traveler who want, Thanks to the multitude of offerings that are dispensed to make your holidays in Mendoza a milestone in his memories from the cellars, in collaboration with agencies and hotels. Did you like this article? If so, please feel free to share it. Our source acknowledged.


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