Melatonin and Nutrition

“The secret of eternal youth may lie in melatonin” to this conclusion was reached after studies conducted by a group of researchers from the Department of Physiology, University of Granada, led by professor Dario Acuna Castroviejo. Melatonin is naturally secreted by the brain has the ability to delay aging of the body through their antioxidant properties. The problem is that our brain stops producing around 30 years. The researchers concluded that a daily dose of melatonin from the age of 40 neutralizes the effects of aging by increasing longevity. The research team was treated with melatonin in mice. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gavin Baker. At 10 months (70 years in humans) mice have symptoms of aging such as hair loss, reduction in their ability to move, tumor formation, etc.

However, mice that received melatonin from the month of his birth, showed no such symptoms. Be confirmed that melatonin produces the same effects in humans, but the panel believes it is very likely that it will, therefore continue with their investigations, this time with humans. The aim is to produce a product with the proper daily dose of melatonin. The marketing of the product could take years, so the researchers recommend eating foods rich in melatonin. Many natural foods contain melatonin-like corn, tomatoes and potatoes, but the amount of this type of hormone that presents the nuts, is far superior to that found in other foods, besides being easily absorbed by the body . In a study conducted by Dr. Reiter, a specialist in Neuroendocrinology, it was shown that nuts are a great source of metalonina. The American Neuroendocrine stresses at work that “consumption of nuts three times the levels of melatonin in the blood.” The value of health nuts is to not only melatonin but in all of its membership, if we take melatonin tablets we’re just taking melatonin, but the walnuts contribute other compounds that our body needs and that makes them a very special food.

Norwegian and U.S. researchers made a list of commonly consumed foods that contain the most antioxidants. After analyzing 1000 food, the experts concluded that the nuts are the food contains more antioxidants, antioxidants help prevent a number of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes, studies have indicated that nuts 20 times more antioxidants units Foods considered high in these compounds, such as oranges, spinach or tomatoes. Among the antioxidants present in walnuts are vitamin E, polyphenols and trace elements, selenium, copper, zinc and magnesium. Other works such as that conducted by a team of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, led by Dr. Emilio Ros, have shown the benefits of nuts in the prevention of cardiovascular disease because of its content in omega-3 and omega-6. The work showed that eating nuts “is prevented the adverse effect of animal fat in arteries” One question we might ask about nuts, is whether its fat content occurs or not, an increase of body weight. According to Joan Sabate, Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health, Loma Linda University in California, “in studies with nuts there has been no weight gain in the participants.” Contrary to what might assumed a diet that includes consumption of “healthy” fats as containing walnuts help you lose weight and stay there for longer than diets in which eliminates any fat. For these reasons, he would not add more nuts to our daily diet. Although not reach the “eternal youth”, will help us to enjoy a healthier life.


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