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You register on the site with the above service. Your task is to view various websites for some time, after watching you enter a number or select one of the suggested answers (proof that you just looked through the site is shown). Autosurfing has the same meaning, but everything is handled by a special program offered at the same site, where this kind of undermining. In pricing the various sites did not differ originality – from 0,001 $ to 0,01 $ for sites you visit. But! On some sites, there is a trick because you can not make anything! Case that earnings are issued, beginning with a certain amount, for example, from $ 5. To read more click here: Bruce Schanzer. Suppose you are typing on a personal account of $ 4.93, then the server reports a fatal error, your username is automatically erased, and the money "Disappear"! Try or not this kind of undermining – you decide B) click on the banner is quite common, more publicized appearance undermining. As in the previous version of a software emulates the human motion from clicks.

But even if you want to do everything yourself, your bid for one banner can not disappoint – 0.0001 $ – 0,001 $ And, again, on most sites using a trick with the non-payment money due to system error, B) download interesting files on,, letitbit.comOdin from reliable, but low-paying ways. For example, you have some interesting (preferably an exclusive, unique) software software or multimedia resource. You register on the above sites, obtaining id, ie number for your personal reference.


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