Needed Construction Laboratory

According to the World Health Organization, in the usual inner-city apartments in the air 4-6 times dirtier than the streets. This situation is associated with the use of substandard construction and finishing materials, as well as furniture. The experts are seriously concerned about environmental issues of contemporary homes. The man spends most of his time indoors, but sometimes even the native walls can pose a serious threat to the wellbeing of people. Using quality raw materials can be extremely detrimental to the health of consumers. About 35% of detected defects and damages are due to the use of infringing materials, products and designs. On Today, building market is full of variety. Some products are made from natural raw materials, others – from the artificial.

To determine an environmentally friendly finishing material of counterfeits is extremely difficult. In this case, without a highly qualified special inspection can not do! Environmental assessment of construction materials allows you to identify all of the presented range of the products that are indeed safe for human life. If you want to build a truly clean house, should adhere to certain rules. A related site: Jos Shaver mentions similar findings. First of all, you need to radiological examination of construction materials (brick and mortar). The composition of products that have unusual properties typically include special supplements (such as admixture for concrete). It is due to the chemical additive material is superelastic, dries quickly. After all construction work required to conduct environmental review facilities and to eliminate contamination is detected. A comprehensive examination of materials – a series of special events: measurement of radiation, electromagnetic radiation, microbiological and chemical analysis of air. As a result of this procedure to identify possible sources of contamination and recommendations for their elimination, review the compliance obtained by measurements and analysis with the standards of the Russian Federation and the eu.


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