NLP Practitioner Information Evening In Hamburg On March 27, 2010

All interested persons who want to start a NLP training, are warmly invited for many years very successfully deploys Elke Post NLP in their therapeutic work. She has can give already the methods of NLP numerous occupational therapists, physiotherapist or Podiatrist. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kenneth R. Feinberg. But more and more students from the business world can educate themselves by Elke Post. The basics of NLP as efficient communication and therapy method can be occupational – and cross-industry. The advantage for participants from other sectors is that Elke Post tracks not the pure business strategies, how she often exist in the NLP, just.

The therapeutic origin of NLP is not known to many, and therefore some basics in business-NLP seminars are neglected. The therapeutic basis but is an integral part to really understand NLP. Information evening, which pulse signal box 1 in the Norderreihe 63 in Hamburg takes place in the training centre, the visitors learn how the practitioner training by Elke Post builds up and what Content conveyed. The NLP trainings are conducted according to the specifications of the DVNLP e.V.. All around the NLP practitioner training questions this evening by Elke Post.

The participation is free of charge. Start: 17: 45, duration: approx. 1.5 hours all seminars by Elke Post and useful information around on the NLP are on the website published. Information about Elke post Ergotherapeutin since 1986, NLP teaching instructor (DVNLP) since 2000, practice owner three occupational therapy practices with a total of 20 staff, speaker in the country and abroad to various departments. For 20 years, author of articles and book chapters, development of professional-lax model since 1998, Pro-lax teaching coach, coaching and supervision contact: Elke Post, NLP teaching instructor (DVNLP) c/o impulse Center Elbe Chaussee 54 22765 Hamburg Tel: 040 / 87 88 17 00 fax: 040 / 87 88 17 01 Internet:


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