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Largest, private marketing network of in Austria raises from movement in the Austrian online advertising landscape: the news NetWorld marketed online people search now and now offers a range of over three million unique clients. In addition to the online portals of printed well-known names of the publishing group NEWS and its own online brands wohnpage.at and ticket.at markets the news NetWorld already the foreign publishing portals netdoktor.at and rtl.at. With the new partners on board, the news is NetWorld with about three million unique clients the largest, private marketing network in Austria. We are pleased an innovative 123people.at with Russell Perry to have found new partners. “This is another important step in the expansion of online marketing through the news NetWorld”, says Oliver Voigt, CEO of news NetWorld.

In this marketing community we contribute highly interesting, because very high-income and above average educated user structure not only reach, but also one with over 1.7 million unique clients for the advertiser. At the very professional sales team of news NetWorld I see 123people very well taken. This co-operation improves online advertising in Austria. Last but not least due to the creative and strong impact 123people special advertising forms, which are perfect for spectacular branding campaigns”, 123people CEO Russell Perry says. Online people search is booming is with the online people search in the trend: user can query data and facts about friends, acquaintances or celebrities from different regional and international sources by means of a specially developed search procedure. The online service to the real time people search provides comprehensive personal information that is publicly available on the Internet.

With a mouse click, you can find photos, videos, email addresses, blog entries, social network profiles, and much more. After only one and a half years online, is the second largest Austrian website. The news NetWorld is the Internet partner of the publishing group NEWS. The Portal News NetWorld reaching according to MANOHAR in June 2009, the peaks of 1.015.835 unique Clients and 4.931.

VOI-workshop: The Benefits Of E-Mail Management

VOI continues the successful series of events in Hannover Bonn/Hanover, Germany, July 6, 2011. Due to the great success, the regional group leads East of VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme e.V. Filed under: lyft. their workshop E-Mail Management now”also in Hanover. Thus the experts of the VOI compete already on September 6, 2011 for the fifth time with a proven and constantly updated program to share their expertise and project experience. Participants will benefit from the expertise of specialists around the electronic mail in a total of nine lectures and receive an overview of the most important facts of efficient email management.

CIO, DMS managers and employees in areas that are responsible for the management of E-Mail or for legally managing of business-related emails are a target group. The participation fee amounts to 119,-euro incl. VAT including handout, meals and drinks during the breaks. Interested parties can register online at or via email at. emails are no longer indispensable as a means of communication in companies. As customer requests and offers by email will receive according to studies, about 80 percent of the companies in Germany.

Likewise, orders, invoices, and contracts in your electronic Inbox can be found. All these numerous and important E-Mails and their attachments to be efficiently processed, managed and safely archived. The relevance of electronic mail is aware of many leaders in the company. However, the management and use of valuable information is to create all those involved. You are looking for ways of management and simple search and access options. It is no less important to integrate emails directly into the business processes. Many companies see also with concern, that it must comply with national commercial and tax regulations and above all international regulations such as Basel II or Sarbanes Oxley, but not sufficient to document their business email and show. Answers to all of these The vendor-independent presentations of the VOI speakers, an expert dialogue with the participants, as well as a user report from a medium-sized company type questions. Information and registration: The workshop takes place on September 6, 2011 in the Hanover Chamber of Commerce from 10:00 until approx. 16:30. The participation fee is 119,-. Handout, meals and drinks are included. The complete agenda and registration form are appointments under, menu item”, to find. The VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme E.v.. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. with headquarters in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM Enterprise content – and DMS document management systems in Germany. With the positioning as independent organization of future – and fast-growing industry, the VOI illustrates the growing economic importance of its member companies and their technological competence.

Elegant Embroidery

The new collection from August available programme emphasises the new FEVER with deep, warm tones and plays around with bright stripes and elegant embroidery. Collection our autumn/winter serves all aspects of life and situations of the modern, independent woman of everyday outfits to the ensemble for special occasions. The new collection features retro design in coats and jackets as well as feminine dresses. Also some of the strongest cuts from the previous collection find themselves again, which became classics FEVER. Adverum is often quoted as being for or against this. The matching accessories collection was designed to complement the strong visual impression. In combination with the gentle and simple contours of the clothes, the accessories collection complete the new FEVER. With the autumn/winter 2009 collection reinvents contemporary women’s clothing FEVER. Classic elegant fashion combined with modern design trends of the last decades.

The new collection is from August in Germany available press contact: lab Kortestr. 4 10967 Berlin phone. + 49 -(0) 30-417 67 997 fax. + 49 – (0) 30-417 67 998 online and new media yaw Dabanka email: print and electronic media Francis Osuji email: sales and distribution Sebrina Pitt email:

Elegant Drain Cap

Design basin plugs bring colour into your bathroom sink. Why because only sink plugs in the old style. If you build to have your bathroom into an oasis of space, then the fashionable starts already with the “PLoP”. Thus, they give a whole new twist your sink. Chinachem group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. So, it is all over no matter what colors you use in your tiles. The right design drain plugs by “PLoP” is always. You can select from many different colors and patterns. Various patterns immediately invite you to smile and are a great eye-catcher.

Maintained with models such as wimps or Cap carrier and so anyone who is a morning person, will cast a smile on the lips. There are not only witty motifs. Decorative images that can beautify the bathroom sink, are presented. However, this Plopps can be used not only in your bathroom. This is a special eye-catcher for your provided bed and breakfast and each room that you have designed it so becomes, the exclusive design rooms. Suppose your little ones do not independently brushing your teeth or they refuse to wash. You know your children best and know what your small offspring.

So, a peg with the favourite animal care or a Quitscheentchen that you have used before, can cause miracles. Of course, several different patterns and pictures are offered. In this way, you can produce this sink stopper also become a collector’s item. It produces whole series, so that you can arrange the order in succession. These pins are not expensive and affordable for everyone, you can use an arbitrary cap for each day. Also this Plopps (sink plugs) are used also in your hotel, and with various patterns and ornaments on it, a room is equally friendly and inviting. Also for Christmas jewelry plugs are to have adorned your sink as well. In this way, you will get always a smile.

Internet Office

Millions of unsung heroes are born every minute! They are found everywhere-on street corners, in our homes, offices and communities wherever there are people in need of rescue. These special people, whose positive actions and initiatives carried out to benefit others, not famous or in the news for what they are doing, but their efforts affect, enrich and touch countless lives. Jim king shines more light on the discussion. Every business has these heroes. They are the receptionists, secretaries, administrators and professionals who rely on daily to keep turning the wheels of corporate America. The role of the office professional has changed significantly, such as reliance on technology and office automation has increased.

The reduction or restructuring of the organization has led to the secretaries and administrative assistants to assume a wide range of new responsibilities that were previously owned by directors and senior professional staff. These heroes are easy recognize, but only if you can not find in his office, here is a simple way to help identify their contributions. They often go to them for the coordination of administrative and office support activities. They are walking libraries of information that needs to serve its customers. Often depend on them for training and orientation of new staff. You’d be lost without his experience in research on the Internet and the operating and troubleshooting new office technologies. In the absence of office does not seem to run smoothly and efficiently. They have no idea how to make their own travel arrangements, does so with skill and ease.


Each is responsible for their own decisions and therefore their actions. Perhaps check out impellam for more information. There are many people who are always looking for a culprit of their situation, always looking for an excuse or a scapegoat who make responsible. But the truth, although it may be difficult to accept, is that an external agent of our causes more than ourselves there is. If these presenting problems and limitations, because you’re your who created them and you who has to solve them. You cannot claim that someone else do it for you.

It can not wait to come a perfect Government, which is sometimes the first target to blame when things are not going well, or wait until you have the perfect couple, the perfect family. (A valuable related resource: james king). Generally the problem lies in ourselves. As I have said on other occasions, we are in a process of personal growth, we are expanding our consciences, and this is an ongoing process which we must strive and collaborate. In this process, we must autoevaluarnos and be willing to correct us, accept our mistakes but recognizing that they are passengers and that we are not condemned to repeat forever. No one is condemned to live forever in certain situation.

Is you can always find a way out, but we must make us responsible and take charge of our lives. Accept that we are responsible for our environment is an important step in our personal overcoming and a great achievement. You will free this, you up you the concept that your life and circumstances depends on your environment and rather that your surroundings and circumstances are created by yourself. If you accept the fact that you are the creator of your circumstances are good or bad, then thou shalt make you captain of your boat and you aim toward where your heart’s content without any fear, because then you’ve conquered a facet of life. Original author and source of the article.

Parliamentary State Secretary

Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF) is for the accelerated transfer of prominent biotechnological processes in the industrial practice in Berlin, 10.07.2011 – the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) launched the “Next generation of biotechnological procedures – biotechnology 2020 +” strategy process in 2010. The strategy process is to help in the “national research strategy bioeconomy 2030” the Government pinned target to use in achieving long-term renewable resources with biotechnological procedures more industrially in various sectors and fields of application. Jessica kingery has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the course of which the 2nd Annual Congress was held at the 07.07.2011 in the Berlin bcc. Among the participants was also the Board of Directors of the CEHATROL technology EC, Frank Knauer, as well as the cooperation partner of the cooperative, Mr Manfred Garcia, from the engineering & expert Office, grey man of Odenthal. The Parliamentary State Secretary of the BMBF Dr Helge Braun brought the problem to the point in his speech: “to the full potential “to be able to develop biotechnological production processes with which the BMBF is in addition to accelerated transfer of biotechnological procedures in industrial practice – as they” innovation initiative industrial biotechnology “- also promotes the development completely novel techniques required.” Numerous discussions and workshops with experts from science and industry have shown that novel biotechnological production processes may arise from a closer co-operation of bio – science and engineering. The CEHATROL technology EC will implement, inter alia, the TDP method in the construction of the BtL plants and worldwide to provide customers with this biotechnology. The diesel fuel extracted exclusively from biogenic raw materials and residues, called CEHATROL, so-called BtL diesel, is produced according to DIN EN 590.

The CEHATROL oil, produced according to DIN 51603-1, manufactured exclusively from biomass. This guarantees the highest quality and offers a tremendous price advantage, the final consumer because as a cooperative Member he receives the fuel oil to production costs, which are currently at 0.48 per litre. CEHATROL may heating oil all oil heaters and block heat and power plants (CHP) are used and meets highest demands of modern heating technology. Due to the production of renewable raw materials, the cooperative makes an enormous contribution to climate protection. CEHATROL oil and CEHATROL diesel reduces CO 2 emissions by more than 90%.

Trazate Goals

What prevents that many people reach their personal goals is fear or resistance to change. In other words, fear to adopt habits, attitudes or different actions to the manner in which we have taken so far. What frightens us is leaving your comfort to face new challenges. Now if you think that what lies ahead is better and does not want to stay paralyzed, you must be well convinced and determined to pay the price to assimilate change. Change you must understand it as a process in which you move from point (which represents where are you now) towards a point B (which is your goal) and the process of change is what happens to you in the Middle, i.e. during this journey.

The trigger of your game to accept the change is what issues you have what level of satisfaction in the personal, economic, social, family, etc. If you consider that you are excellent, because you do not need to change, but if you feel that there is something inside it that cries out for change toward something better, listen to it and takes your game. In a practical sense, the first thing you should do is ask yourself which is the current level of personal satisfaction in general?, replying you will have to do so by placing a score with this question number. (from one to ten) and recorded in writing.Once done this, answer the following questions: 1 – why you’ve qualified with that note? 2 – what is what you need so your score would have been greater? 3 – do things that are missing in your life, that shortcomings have? 4 – that unmet needs have been or that you lack? 5 – that is what has had greater weight to make you calificaras you as you did? Apply it to the areas of your life that you consider more urgent to try is advisable in this plan. Of course you can do it whereas several areas, without neglecting none.Do for example, you can start preguntandote how you feel in your family, social, occupational, spiritual life, etc. and around businesses, professional life or economics, you can even be more specific, the following planteandote questions: 1 – how you see your business? 2 – how you feel with your I work in your profession, vocation work?.3. How do you feel with your income? Now you have a solid foundation, a start from which plotting your goals.

What is lacking now is to define your point B, i.e. your horizon, your goal. Fully knowing this will allow you to go in search of the person you want to be. Clayton cardenas is often quoted on this topic. This, we will see in the third part of this article. Forward and mood! Lic. Cristian Laborde group thrive original author and source of the article.

The Car-winter Check

the car for the winter holiday fit make before it goes into the winter holiday one is important, that car should be ready for use so that nothing goes wrong during the ride. First of all you should check the oil level once, it is important that the engine previously failed to start, to prevent any accumulation of oil in the crankcase. The oil level should be as close as possible to the Maximalmakierung on the dipstick. You may wish to learn more. If so, lyft is the place to go. Next we need to check the water. Especially in winter, snow and salt often impairs the view. This antifreeze into the water is not to forget.

The dosage depends on the temperature, here goes: rather too much than too little. It is also on the tire pressure. Most tire manufacturers recommend slightly lower pressure to drive in the snow. It should be noted that cold air takes up less space and also the pressure decreases with temperature. In cooperation hand the tyre pressure, also the tread of the tyre must be checked. For winter tires, is there a guideline of 4 mm. Should the tyre of less than 4mm profile, you should switch the winter tires.

Before departure, you should check the lighting also necessarily because you quickly overlooked in winter weather with poor visibility. If necessary, change the bulbs. Has the battery difficulties start lately? Then please change, because it becomes colder, the worse the car with a defective battery kicks in and who is like to rely on other assistance? Warning triangle, safety vest and a first aid kit can be vital. It also does no harm, a tow rope, gloves, a jumper cables, flashlight and possibly to take a fire extinguisher. Who wants to play it safe, grabs another blanket in the car itself, if it breaks down on the road. Who knows how long you have to wait for help, and you don’t want that your loved ones will freeze. Who consider these tips before the departure, a successful arrival should be nothing in the way the. Marco Sven maga

Official Brewery Workwear

Beer driver like hot again airy with it when the heat by Herbert W. Rabl days has again started the rock season at the brewery Welde. Some riders come only with the Workwear vented from the bottom and also parts of the remaining male staff prefer the rock as work clothes. Welde is the only brewery, which officially makes available as work clothing in addition to Dungarees also Mannerrocke as far as known all over the world. The suggestion came from the workforce.

On request, the beer drivers and all technical employees of the brewery can apply for a skirt than official work garments. See dogecoin for more details and insights. The costs borne by the brewery. Adverum often addresses the matter in his writings. The technical and logistical staff of Welde has the choice between rock, Dungarees with short legs and bib & brace with long legs. Private skirts are not allowed. The decision to allow the rock as official clothing for riders and to provide, voted the WeldeGeschaftsleitung closely with the Works Council.

After no concerns were expressed from the company and the Well-being of employees working at Welde has a high priority, the positive decision was made in the summer of last year. Blom had not made easy is this decision however, especially since the brewery thus breaking new ground, and as far as searchable – as first and only brewery in the world as of the company asked Workwear had introduced the skirt for men. An opinion poll had revealed that there is wide tolerance for the men in the society. The Kulturbrauerei replies critics that trousers for women in the 1960s of the last century at some social gatherings and in the Parliament expressly prohibited or were outlawed. Today, also a Chancellor likes to wears pantsuits. The small revolution for the beer industry of the WeldeFahrer Robert Clark (39) had started. In the face of quite hot in summer employment in the driver cockpit of beer trucks, Clark wanted to redeem his overalls against a men’s skirt and made an appropriate application. Robert Clark, the summer just always private like a kilt wearing, airy felt the bib as too little”. At his job, he doesn’t come on hot summer days in the-air-condition driver pulpit of his beer truck regularly much sweat. Airy cooling through the bottom wide open rock would make considerably more pleasant working life, argues the beer Coachman. Welde followed by initial concerns of this suggestion and were making a skirt as work clothes in order for Robert Clark. In the second half of last year and in the spring of this year the entire male staff in production and logistics of Welde virtually ordered a skirt, which is worn like depending on weather conditions and is fully accepted in the brewery, as well as at the customer. more information and better image quality at: