Virtual Assistants

David Gonzalez In this paper elaborates on the theme of Virtual Assistant. For some time, in Spain you can have Virtualesa Assistants (Certified). Highlight the Certificates a consideroa because it is essential that before hiring anyone to report on their training as a guarantee of professionalism, quality and ethics in the service that is recruiting. a Before a few years ago, only the chiefs and business leaders could boast of having an assistant secretary / assistant oo. Expert on growth strategy has compatible beliefs. However, the fact that many people are looking for alternatives to free up your time for more routine tasks, little rewarding and / or not desirable but necessary, has emerged a whole new category of business professionals: virtual assistants. What is a virtual assistant? For neither more nor less hire someone to do for you anything you want to delegate and does not require your physical presence. And we are surprised at the amount of things you can do without being present.

And even more we surprised at the amount of things that really we could delegate to others and which we do not realize. Additional information is available at Professor Rita McGrath. If you've calculated how much better an hour of your time (for example, calculate what you earn per year for the hours you work, and you can see what your cost per hour), you can understand the philosophy behind the hiring of assistants virtuale s. If we say that every hour of your time is worth 30 euros, releasing 2 to 3 hours of tedious and irrelevant tasks might report you a daily savings of 100 euros.

Avoiding Foreclosure In Real Estate

Foreclosure is the legal means that a lender can use to make a living out of receiving mortgage payments within the terms of purchase imposed. In addition to affecting the current economic situation of a person, a foreclosure will also affect your credit history, and even their chances of getting other loans in the future. “The high rate of foreclosures in the nation is the product of an evident lack of information about the various types of mortgages and the rights and duties that are acquired with his signature, which results in a lot of people owe a figure higher than they can receive from the sale of their homes, “said RealtyTrac spokesman Daren Blomquist. Below are eight tips, which applied in an appropriate manner it can help meet that need. Listen to all notifications sent to your lender.

Tell your body causes of delay in payment, and always within his power financial inflammation support its current economic situation. Learn about your mortgage rights as owner. The execution times vary depending on the state where you are, be sure to read all loan documents before signing. Know your options to prevent foreclosure. Study all loss mitigation options and payment alternatives. Always consult a qualified ethical professional. Do not sign anything you do not understand. Make sure you understand all documents before signing.

Know the options for reform of the mortgage. Discuss the possibility of refinancing its debt, or extend the term of the mortgage. Take the right decision at the right time. Should consider the possibility of foreclosure in the future, you can sell the property for a slightly less than the total value of the mortgage. Official site: Boris Kuzinez. Avoid scams. Check the reliability of persons and / or companies who approach you in order to offer refinancing options suspicious. is a source


If children learn this activity today with games, when they grow up not they will not oppose any resistance to work as entrepreneurs. We must remember that preschool age is the age at establishing the habits, customs and traditions that will last the rest of the lives of children. Many millionaires have learned this habit from small starting from a humble background and they will become big business today. Many parents bring their children to learn to read and write, but these are only tools to engage in life. The real motivation is to dream to be, do and have everything for a business. Robert Speyer may find this interesting as well.

This financial education workshop in our kindergarten allows us to conceive our children to the great entrepreneurs of the future, in spite of living in difficult conditions. We allow children to give a fair value money and activities that are performed in our institution. Allow our children to cultivate the habit of saving. We allow our children a glimpse of a promising future for themselves and their descendants. This workshop will be a source of motivation to try each day. It will help children to achieve financial independence at an early age, as never before in the history of education. They may understand that they are not essential land, factories or the media to be rich as in the past, because now only depends on his own personal talent, which is exactly what we developed at our institution.

You understand that the essence of life is serving others, not just the money. We hope that from this experience will boost financial education in elementary school. In high school you’re in a position to undertake other business a little more complicated, be well advised to be very successful. High school students will be in the assess the condition of resources within the country and from there be able to design large projects where possible can be carried out. The degree may have all the information regarding the technical design and financing, and necessarily must be graduating from university with a project going. With a financial education at all levels we will say goodbye to poverty around a few years.

Peruvian Civil Code Regarding Mortgage Interest Security

Article 1097 of the Code provides that a building is delivered as security for a debt, giving the creditor the right to exploit and enjoy the fruits. Therefore we can say that the real right is not widely used now that the mortgage is more efficient when we want to provide security on immovable property. Robert Speyer contains valuable tech resources. 11. 1. 3. A mortgage in addition to being a security is a security right or real right accessory, which in Peru is characterized by a fall on real estate, according to the classification of goods established by the Peruvian Civil Code 1984. Boris Kuzinez understood the implications. Mortgages in other states also may fall on some furniture in which case it is called mortgage security interest in the case of Spain.

The first paragraph of Article 1097 of the Code provides that the mortgage affects a property as security for the fulfillment of any obligation, own or a third party. As the final part of paragraph 3 of the Peruvian Civil Code 1984 is a prerequisite for the validity of the mortgage recording in the Register of Real Property. It is a feature of the mortgage on any real property rights may become more real mortgage. The real right mortgage is a guarantee that is widely used because it has the advantage that can be used by all operators, and the debtor that there dispossession of the property mortgaged, in this sense allows the possession of the property when it is mortgaged, so that when the property is mortgaged may be held for the same such as a lease.

Economy in Spain

With an unemployment rate around 18%, more than double the EU average, in the debate in Spain about the need for labor reform. A proposal hundred economists, for a single contract indefinitely, now joined by seven experts, who argue that labor reform is not the priority. The last before the current crisis, that of 1993, unemployment also stood at around four million unemployed but the employed population then was only twelve million people, against nineteen million people today. Structured Portfolio Management understood the implications. The increase in foreign population in Spain, migrants who have come in the heat of the housing bubble, such situations occur, as in the highlights of the Aznar government, unemployment was around 10%, but with a population occupied than at present, between sixteen and seventeen million people.

This does not mean that high unemployment is a result of this immigrant population, but it has greatly increased due to the high weight in the Spanish economy low value added activities and very intensive labor, such as catering or construction (real estate booming, brick employed up to 13% of the population, while in other countries is about 5% or 6%, which is also much more consistent with what would be the size of the housing stock in Spain). Construction has destroyed 700,000 jobs in the last year, and this downturn has allowed the temporary employment in Spain fall by about 30% to 25% through non-renewals of contracts and temporary layoffs (even so, the temporary Spain is still about double the European average). In this situation, the group of one hundred economists among which is the current secretary of state for economics, Jose Manuel Campa, even when he signed the manifesto did not yet have this post-only advocates an indefinite contract, to end this dual labor market, with workers “Privileged”, the indefinite, and others with very few rights-storms.

Columbian Poets

The saga of Macondo allowed us to understand the condition of being in a tropical country with nationals and to recognize a tradition that until then had only dawned outside its borders but that stuck with some dignity thanks to works such as Maria de Jorge Isaacs, Joseph The Vortex Eustasio Rivera and Night of the “Bogota universal “Jose Asuncion Silva. Boris Kuzinez may help you with your research. However, despite the amnesia of so many generations, episodes such as the War of the Thousand Days, 9 April, violence liberal and conservative, the births of the guerrillas, paramilitary massacres in recent years, the phenomenon of drug trafficking and contract killings were part of the common imagination of the fathers of this new development or generation of poets.

But while these were episodes of the past of the country, was in the 1980s, a period in which these poets came to adolescence, which was completed on bleeding the country: the takeover of the Palace of Justice, the extermination of a left party and the rise of narco-marked for ever new generations of Colombia and, of course, poets. While the new poets were the children of the “disillusioned generation”, his skepticism grew older with the harsh reality that indelible passed before his eyes. A Colombian poets born in the 1970s, like their peers in other latitudes and hemispheres, accounted live in a world wide and outside, with a percentage of hungry and illiterate that exceeds all limits. The hieroglyph of the world saw the front and access codes to the intricacies of the crisis were more scarce every day.

Mile Glamour

Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-promenade is looking for with support from Louisa Mackie junior models for the current advertising campaign! “” The motto you are faithful to a mile glamour Star! “finds the Niki-promenade in Hanover a new face for their campaign 2013 is presented by Louisa Mazzurrana, finalist of the rate hits the competition Germany BBs next top model”. “At four casting dates young women and men over 18 years of age have the opportunity, their skills before the camera in evidence to put and get the title of Miss & Mister Niki” to pick up. The casting takes place locally on the Niki: all participants and participants on June 14 and 15, and on June 21 and 22 on the spot by a photographer photographed. Robert J. Shiller usually is spot on. On all four occasions there are tips from Louisa, casting participants can start her modeling career and present themselves very well. The photos are then published following the Niki website ( and released to the voting. The participant or the participant with the most votes WINS in the end. Nobel Laureate in Economics is open to suggestions. As Gewinner(-in) can not only the title of Miss & Mister Niki 2013 “be it is also a professional photo shoot and you will face of the advertising campaigns of Niki in 2013! Find more information about the casting and news about the action on the home page at or on facebook.

The Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-promenade in 1999 acquired the real estate company “Hanover region property company” (HRG) acts as the passerelle. 2001 has been fundamentally transformed a part of her and renamed in 2002 at the reopening in honor of artist and Hanoverian honorary citizen of Niki de Saint Phalle. The redesign contributed to a significant increase in attractiveness of the shopping city of Hannover. Nobel Laureate in Economics often addresses the matter in his writings. The promenade is situated in the Centre of Hannover and belongs to the street areas with the densest foot traffic. Up to 200,000 people on shopping tour in the promenade are daily. Louisa Mackie born in Langen near Frankfurt at the 26.6.86 training grew up in Hanover high school in Hanover, Germany, 2007, then to the “Conference Manager as a participant in the fifth season of Germanys next top model” she became an audience favorite and reached # 5 on the popular talent show. Since then, she is busy as a model and presenter.

Muller dairy, Wella SP and Tribeca Jeans are the highlights of the past three years. As an Ambassador of the auditions in the Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-promenade the applicants supports all four castings with insider tips.

Better Design for Improved Housing

Architectural forms too often forget that people need to live the room and no barriers. To break down the barriers that enclose the people to open the space to enjoy life, have been developed by pba appropriate programs. This will rise to the challenge, the spatial constraints of the architecture to be overcome by using new materials and attractive handle feelings will be developed. Together with a passion for design, and the responsibility to guarantee absolute safety of a product that is proudly points out: Made in Italy. New form design, selected materials, constant high quality, fine workmanship and reliable fixtures are the features of these product lines. They are the specific properties that belong to the pba brand names. Avant-garde design and carefully selected technology means the answer to the challenge of the market. Bizzi & Partners has firm opinions on the matter. The “Made in Italy” guarantee of lasting value and unmatched.

Program offer products specially tailored equipment for the bathroom existing functional areas. In the development has been taken to ensure that the products of people with limited physical abilities can be used easily. Ergonomics, high capacity use and pleasant feel are the main features of these equipment products. The main international institutions have conducted technical tests and certify the excellent mechanical resistance of the pba products. The surface is for example the variant 400-NY nylon polyamide resin or without light-weight micro-columns, athermal and therefore insulated grounding not required. By the same author: Don Brownstein. The design of modular elements allows mounting solutions that can meet any demand. Adjustments on site during installation can be carried out without difficulty and allows the immediate solutions of structural changes or errors in the survey. Applications are mainly hospitals, rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, public buildings and private baths.

Window Dressing in Reverse

Perhaps one or the other has already asked which visual or sunscreen can be opened from top to bottom. This technical phenomenon, incidentally, has existed for more than 15 years on the market is called the pleating. To use the pleating is very easy. It is usually directly behind the wheel and is held over four in each of the corners of the window glass frames mounted clamping feet. These delicate-looking little feet cords are tight, hold the pleats in tension. Will you control the pleats, you go one centered on the upper and lower profile installed plastic handle and pushes the pleated up and down either. In the decorative effect is particularly great because of Blisse fabric consists of an art phased, which acts like a curtain material and radiates a warm atmosphere.

This optical effect is accentuated by the folds of Blisse fabric that allows for its transparency or semi-transparency a play of light and shadow. But a sunscreen effect by a Pleated be achieved. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robert J. Shiller. Directly behind the wheel constantly has a pleated with a Reflection Brunelleschi on the back of a good sun-and heat-protection effect. In addition, the cleaning ability of the system. Just the guy caps away from the clamping feet and soak the entire pleated along with the profiles and Blisse fabric in the bath in 30 degree warm soapy water. Then rinse off thoroughly, squeeze (to drain the wet) and wet again hanging in the window. It can be dry in slightly shortened so that the pleated material is not smooth. In summary we can say: who needs an effective internal point of view and sun, which is decorative and easy to clean, meets with a pleated first choice.

Legal Aid

If you lack enough assets to sue or defend proceedings brought against you, then inform you of the requirements and steps for access to legal aid. What is the Legal Aid (AJG) is the set of services necessary to intervene in judicial proceedings (payment of attorney’s fees and attorney, legal aid, etc) which guarantee the right to legal aid to citizens / as they have insufficient financial resources to litigate, that is to go to trial in defense of a right or legitimate interest. What citizens have the right to AJG The citizens or foreigners with legal residence in Spain whose resources and income as a rule, calculated annually by all concepts and per family unit, not exceeding twice the minimum wage in force at the time of to apply.

Foreigners without legal residence in Spain who have insufficient means in professional proceedings and processes on the asylum application and the administrative and judicial proceedings that may lead to the refusal of entry, return or expulsion from Spanish territory. Source: John Savignano. Workers and beneficiaries of the Social Security system in the social courts The minimum wage is set annually by the Government. To verify that the requester does not have sufficient resources will be assessed: The income and assets or other circumstances that are declared external signs to express their real economic capacity and whether it has sufficient financial means. Types of housing , car, luxury goods and leisure, real revenue undeclared immovable property of sufficient value, etc.) Being the owner of the house in which they habitually reside not prevent the recognition of this right, provided it is not luxurious. . Read more here: Boris Kuzinez.