Thomas Gotze Sales

“Our sales partners want to be seduced.” Dresden, 10.3.2009 – the invitation is reads like a who’s who of exclusive German Automobile History: Porsche Volkswagen Wolfsburg, Stuttgart, Dresden Phaeton. The locations are selected meeting points for the spring sales partner meetings of YellowFox GmbH Dresden. The affinity to the automobile is logical. Your money the YellowFox GmbH with its products of Internet-based locating vehicles and unpowered objects, especially in medium-sized fleets. In particular the Porsche Museum Stuttgart caused some vertebrae in planning the events.

Until the end of January 2009 opened, group tours are already booked into until August. (Not to be confused with james king!). Some negotiating skills could still be organized for a guided tour, limited to 40 distributors. Also integrated in the Autostadt Wolfsburg meeting Hotel Ritz Carl clay * enjoys company large popularity. Also, the glass manufacture Dresden. In both, you will be on each 40 People limited YellowFox meetings with subsequent, personal guided tour conducted. “Over 140 partners support the distribution system of YellowFox GmbH in Germany. Products are in different configurations they sold, installed and serviced.

Essential here is that the partners in all technical matters up to date are. “, Thomas Gotze, Manager indirect sales at YellowFox, shares with. With the annual distributors meeting to beat several birds with one stone: the latest technical developments and products information is delivered personally, questions can be answered directly. The partners continue to receive the opportunity directly and without to discuss open questions or problems directly with the Managing Director. Especially the generous system of margin is always focus of the pause conversations. Last but not least, we feeling strengthened by the exclusivity of the event, the binding to the company expanded. “Our sales partner will seduces will. “, explains Hendrik Scherf, CEO of YellowFox. “Can I advertise with such exclusive venues around him, I have his undivided attention. I show him that it is important for the YellowFox GmbH, we take it seriously. I motivate him, promote commitment and sales initiative.” Thomas Fritsche m.a.p.. GmbH

Machining Of IMS

Machining of IMS by drilling and milling with diamond coated tools that LED technology is an innovative technology that revolutionized the lighting market for years. Increasingly, this technology also in the automotive applications, such as tail lamps, will be applied. With LEDs, a good heat management leads to a higher performance and service life. IMS come for efficient heat dissipation (insulated metallic substrates), i.e. printed circuit boards with insulated metal substrates, used. As a metal carrier mostly aluminium is used in thicknesses of 1.0 3.0 mm; less frequently, copper is used in thicknesses of 1.0 1.50 mm.

FR4 prepreg or ceramic coatings are used as a dielectric. The manufacturing process of IMS is a challenge in all production departments. Ideally special geometries used for the machining of metal substrate by drilling and milling. The optimal adjustment of the process parameters requires much experience. The machine conditions such as vibration and clamping pliers concentricity, must the processing according to exist.

Ideally used with minimum quantity lubrication. Since the beginning of last year coated Burs and cutters used in machining of IMS world’s very successful diamond. This was only possible by the combination of a special multilayer diamond coating (fig. 1) and customized geometries. Following advantages justify the successful use of diamond coated tools: hardness of the diamond layer of 10,000 HV0. 05 minimum cutting wear allows approximately 10-fold higher tool life when drilling and milling very good chip evacuation due to the low coefficient of friction by diamond very low tendency to form a building cutting edge very high drilling and Frasgenauigkeit due to optimal spiral length at examples of coated diamond standard tools fig. 1: multilayer diamond coating (Bild CemeCon AG): 1 drilling used diamond coated drill processing by IMS in the diameter range of 0.60 6.40 mm. The recommended cutting speed is v = 250 m / min 10%; the feed per revolution should be at about 50-60% compared to FR4.

Reallusion IClone 4.0 – New Content For Their Own 3D-Videoproduktionen

Virtual Studios and animated objects for 3D and real videos San Jose / Brunswick, August 16, 2010, brings volume 2 of the 3D Video FX extensions Reallusion, Inc, developers of 3D-Animations-und imaging technology, create new scenes of the Government and glamour world with those in iClone 4 creative hobby and Pro filmmakers and implement virtual and high-quality object animations in 3D and real video projects. All additional material is finished creating and can simply drag-and-drop are placed or mouse click, adapted to the needs, and now animated. In particular, the 3D Video FX motion Assembly vol. 2 delivers new 3D objects, such as books beat himself up, notecards, 3D-Alphabet, numbers and special characters, spinning multi-channel 3D balls or TV screens based on itself, which thus can be equipped with your own pictures or videos, that imposing scene representations or product presentations occur. These objects also by means of the green screen video editing in other film projects can be embed or combine, as without any 3D-Vorkenntnisse Known Hollywood films or TV spots. Reallusion provides for users example videos and instructions of the new extensions on the product Web page, to provide a detailed insight. Sample video: so far only with high-quality studio equipment to realize, iClone 4.0 now mature and high quality 3D-Video-Produktionsmoglichkeiten provides for at home or in the Office. For iClone 4 compatible 3D Video FX Virtual Studio vol.

2 for EUR 79,50 and 3D Video FX motion Assembly is vol. 2 for 59.95 now about de available. 3D VIDEO FX – motion Assembly vol. 2 the additional package of 3D video VFX motion Assembly vol. 2 Professional, animateable 3D contains elements furvirtuelle movies from iClone 4.0 and real video projects that can be adapted individually to scene situations. The expansion pack specifically for the individual, intermediate – and end credits and product presentations, a video project is suitable thanks to the versatile animation and design possibilities.

Strong Performance Of The Wedding Portal

Wedding Portal takes the eventus consors GbR started strong appeal among visitors and service providers on the 1 February the new wedding Portal wedding, the new YellowPages around the subject of marriage. In the first days, the YellowPages achieved very positive response. The founder of the portal, the brothers Marcel and Raffael Schulz, confirm the ever-increasing number of visitors and companies interested in it, that on the Internet despite the high number of wedding portals visitors still looking for the right approach were. The search after the right salon, the most beautiful location and the good pastry chef are now easier. Savills describes an additional similar source. The portal offers in contrast to most other portals that the appropriate service provider a RADIUS search or through a graphically-animated card find way.

But the brothers Schulz are still not satisfied with the portal. “We have developed a lot of new ideas and concepts, which are implemented in the next few weeks. We cooperate with our customers, to the portal to constantly improve.”says Marcel Schulz, the older of the two brothers, who is primarily responsible for the new customers..

New Elabo Electronic Catalogue

Measurement and test equipment and power supplies on the latest state of the art and in the smallest space housed compact elabo solutions look like. Measurement and test equipment and power supplies on the latest state of the art and in the smallest space housed compact elabo solutions look like. In the new edition of the electronic catalogue products are presented in detail, which “are inserted into the table Assembly systems, 3HE, 6HEoder 19. Thus Messungenschnell and be carried out directly on or over the top. The variety of products include also soldering stations or compressed air supplies. In addition to individual components, elabo presents solutions, for example a Motorenprufplatz also in the new edition of the catalog highly complex. Also the presentation of the virtual test labs is special. As the first manufacturer of electro – lab workstation elabo introduced the Ethernet interface technologies on the market and now represents over 25 devices in the catalog, diebereits with the new interface are available.

ArabellaStarwood Hotels

World Cup 2010: On my every day against stars win as Gomez, Schweinsteiger, Halmich and knopp type and (travel) rates great win Munich, 02 June 2010 from football fans to the start of the World Cup on June 11 and put Wettfreudige on my alone or Lotto pools on their favorites and great travel and cash prizes. The Grand Prize of overall: a 14-day South Africa tour at the Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa for two persons including flight. Special star.tip: Every day a winner is chosen in the tip duel against a celebrity. Haven’t signed up for this purpose among others already Martina Eberl, Regina Halmich, Jurgen Klopp, Jorg Wontorra, Mario Gomez and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Hot tapping can all the preparatory friendly matches in May and June. Learn more at: kevin oleary.

To win it is the South African soccer fan instruments of Vuvuzelas, which the team during the World Cup can be fired at. The World Cup prediction game star.tip of ArabellStarwood hotels & resorts in the Overview: On the tip site as a single player or syndicate register for free and promptly put on his favorite tip communities make or join an existing one. All registered participants can form a syndicate with such as his friends or work colleagues, give the group a name, choose an own battle cry and when present even a logo upload. Hot tapping and Vuvuzuelas save up for the World Cup: the friendly matches Austria Croatia (7.16), Hungary Germany (29.05), Switzerland Costa Rica (June 1), Germany Bosnia and Herzegovina (03.06) and Switzerland Italy (05.06.) typing skills test and win the famous Woodwinds to cheer on a day. Tap Start of World Cup day against stars and daily prizes including signed soccer jerseys, meet & greets, football tickets and much more. Grand Prize for the player with the highest score in the overall standings at the end of the World Cup: 14-day trip to South Africa for two people in the Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa, a hotel of the luxury collection, including flights. .

Sell Advertising Space

The theme of advertising inside of web sites has always worked and continue to do so, the most obvious proof is that you will hardly find a web site that does not have Google ads within the same. Assign a portion of the available space of your web site and use it to advertising is a very valid option to monetize and earn some extra income, but with respect to East topic titled this article there are some issues to consider. Monetize a website pretending to add some value extra is one thing and another thing to imagine having a web site for live advertising. With AdSense you can get some money, but only few dollars. For the big money it is necessary to be an expert on AdSense and have, not just one, but several web site, with prestige, very well positioned and with excellent traffic is clear that if your site gives you one hundred dollars a month and you are able to assemble ten other similar sites you can achieve thousand dollars, but this is not as simple as it seems. Many sites have generated very good profit selling advertising space or banner ads, but all of them had a traffic flow that allowed them to permanent and constant visits that towards which the advertiser would like to be present.

But the thing is totally different if you have a small or newly started site and where visits or permanent or in quantity. If your case is a site with little flow of visitors this method, to generate some extra money, will not serve you. A space for a banner is sold per CPM (number of prints) to be precise, every 1000 impressions. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with clayton hutson. So if not accounts with amount traffic you not interested to the advertiser. the matter. If you were thinking about this, I regret having disappointed, if I did it, but I think that it is better to find a way to get extra money in another way. Is that many believe that building a site with good content will get quickly the traffic and from that point they evaluate in project.

But even if your contents are very good, the traffic will come with the time, in the internet business and its ex-ante evaluation should always be taken into account time is that many do not they do so. Web sites, with rare exceptions, are like good wine, they need a time of maturation. The advertising business is hard work and that takes much time, I’m not saying that it doesn’t, just that I suggest that you start to look for income from other sources, a system of affiliate for example. Then when your site already has a track record and the important traffic, you can then deal with the issue of advertising. Finally: The advantage of Internet business is that you can always make changes permanent, but careful, always maintaining fixed bearing and without running you the original shaft, small changes give very good results. And what more worth of all is time, you must give time to your business, and you must give you time, without despair. Lots of luck! Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the article

Red Riding Hood

Hidden in the heart of Europe are magical Marchenlander originally inhabited by many small ethnic groups, are Masuria and the Baltic States still in another world. Thousand lakes surrounded by rolling hills and endless forests, and nobody would be surprised, little Red Riding Hood would turn straight around the corner., online specialist for the East, gives tips for the holiday: travel No. James king contributes greatly to this topic. 2377 – through two national parks in the Masurian reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 2377 extends to the deepest northeast of Poland is the largest forest area in Europe. Bison move their cars through the Woods, black storks, Tarpan horses and wolves live in the neighborhood. Northwest meanders the river of Biebrza to 135 km length through a giant Moor area: by bike a unique experience. Journey No.

2293 – Masurian Lakes by bike reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 2293 that picturesque Heide landscape of Masuria is a paradise for cyclists. Nature pure draw this seven-day alternating with cultural highlights Trip out. The visit of Mikolajki remains unforgotten, the Venice of the North. Journey No. 2297 – Baltic countries by bicycle experience reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 2297 with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania includes the zwolftagige wheel travel most of the Baltic States. There is something of everything: roads with little traffic to explore the coast, enjoy an exciting rafting on the mighty river Gauja and Latvian cuisine in Riga. Tour Masurian No.

358 – / bike and ship reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 358 past mighty buildings of beavers and stork nests by pristine lakes landscapes. In between picturesque harbour cities or centuries-old castles and churches to explore. And in the evening with the Board front row seat, a Moody sunset experience. No quarter, no suitcase packing, carefree cycling without luggage – remains Masurian long remembered.

Kalinka River Russia

Sarafan and Schapkas on Russia’s banks Russia – the size of the country is nearly immeasurable, the sights as diverse as the countless onion of the churches. Each former Principality shows its characteristics, each city tells its own story. There are many ways to experience the fascinating Russian architecture, religious centres and the breathtaking nature. One of the most impressive is a river cruise on the mighty Lena river, the mighty Yenisei, the quiet Don or mother Volga… In the European part of Russia, about 72,000 kilometers waterways connect the Lakes, the Baltic Sea, the black and white sea. The most beautiful routes with different focuses and exciting excursions can be explored via cruise ship.

Along the river and inland lakes, it applies to discover Russian gems. The fabulous Museum city Suzdal, the craftsmen of Pavlovo, the metropolis of caviar Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea, St. Petersburg, the Venice of the North and last but not least the only a few stations are dazzling metropolis of Moscow. Entice your readers on a thrilling river cruises in the vast expanses of Russia. online specialist for the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified – offers various river cruise: travel / flusskreuzfahrt_russland.php our very personal tip is the journey No. 2533 Kalinka River cruise from St. Jim king contains valuable tech resources. Petersburg to Moscow travel details/Kalinka… You get a good impression of this trip for Russia beginners on this page itself. Here you will find under the corresponding link in the top-right corner a travel video.


The ZEUS job offensive offers jobs in sales every person needs a livelihood, but often the branches, promoted, offer few prospects for success. This is different for ZEUS, the insurance of class, because when ZEUS not only the customers benefit from the high insurance protection and optimum quality. Also the workers live in a construct expanded to all over Germany from great teamwork and a lot of career opportunities. ZEUS offers customer comfort and optimal career conditions all above is in the program of ZEUS the constant evolution of the human contingent. Is accompanied by the search is going after young, fresh talent. For this, ZEUS offers many great advantages, because a career in sales has more options than some might imagine. In addition to a guaranteed success, at the same time a good fee will be added to the ZEUS offers a range of high-quality branded products. As a result ZEUS has of course also an excellent level of customer acceptance, what ultimately also the individual career opportunities of young people promotes.

Jericho informs the application under the name Jericho is easy is currently running a project, which is to take these young talents. As grace smart sayings post bikes, posters and flyers in the area of Hamburg-based stations. Also promotes ZEUS on one’s own side, where you can already perform your own online application with just a few clicks. It is also possible to take a small test, which can then reveal their desires on you Also many tips and information about the career with ZEUS, opportunities and individual career opportunities can be found here. How to contact with Gustav-Freytag-str. 13-15 22085 Hamburg Tel.: 040 4130-0 fax: 040 4130-1699 E-Mail: Internet: about ZEUS as specialist and professional service provider in the insurance industry persuaded the ZEUS group of companies for over 35 years with experience and expertise. An innovative online system, the consultants from the current status of the precautionary measures used to determine a perfectly crafted ideal and free State. Whether leaving the working life or accident with consequences – ZEUS is financially secured. The strong partner of ZEUS’s pension products allow a life in safety and preservation of the quality of life – today and in the age. New image film of ZEUS and Jericho campaign on ovan1307107244