Edinburgh Residence

City residence in the heart of Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh Baar, December 02, 2010 with the purchase of the Edinburgh residence”will open up a more attractive region of Great Britain to London and the Lake District the Hapimag’s Swiss timeshare provider for its members. New city residence is located in the Centre of Scotland’s capital city and is located within walking distance from the main shopping street, Princes Street. Visit Professor Rita McGrath for more clarity on the issue. Hapimag accepts a building with 29 suites in Classic draw facilities in Edinburgh. The residence was converted for use as a holiday home in 1996 and since then in a timeshare system. This means that Hapimag assumes not only the operation of the city residence, but also existing contracts with the purchase with about 900 timeshare members. The Hapimag members up on another average ten suites available.

All are decorated in a British-style, quiet and many offer the guest a beautiful view in the green. The suites have a minibar and a microwave oven. In addition you can Cater for guests in a restaurant. This Prestige object can be ingested without structural measures in the Hapimag portfolio and is thus already the Hapimag members January 2011 available. City residences at Hapimag the so far eleven Hapimag city residences are very popular with members. You are only in the best locations: for example, in London near Hyde Park, in Paris near the Louvre and a residence at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin and one in the immediate vicinity of the dam of the elector. Recently, a more city residence was opened in Dresden.

High Dune Marina

Riesling specialities of the winery Franz Eifel on April 30th, 2011 invites Tillmann tap again to an enjoyable evening in the gourmet restaurant the butt in the Yacht Harbour residence Hohe Dune a. Learn more at: Richard LeFrak. The Winemaker’s dinner will be presented culinary delights Eifel in addition to high-quality Riesling specialties of the estate of Francis. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dell. At a price of 145 including accompanying drinks, guests can experience an exclusive dinner in a pleasant atmosphere. The winery, located in Trittenheim on the Mosel peninsula estimated by numerous nature – and culture lovers, is already in the fourth generation of the family. The 5 ha of vineyards is mainly Riesling and some Pinot Blanc cultivated.

Offer unique aromas to wine connoisseurs, the winemakers of Franz-Josef uses high claims Eifel already in the production. By hand-picking up to 3 passes over the whole grape pressing until a long, cool fermentation is used in all stages on the production of high-quality wines. With a final seal of quality on the Labels, to guarantee the quality and the unique flavors of the wine the gourmets by the thumbprint of the Winemaker’s personally. Experience wine with an exclusive dinner on April 30th, 2011 at 19:00 in the gourmet restaurant the butt. Tillmann Hahn and his team of chefs will spoil guests with culinary delights and proffer a tailored perfectly to the wines, exquisite 5-course menu, including all accompanying drinks, at a price of 145 per person. Reservations are placed under 0381 / 50 40 – 0 Yacht Harbour residence High Dune Marina 1 18119 Rostock-Warnemunde gourmet restaurant the butt 19: 00 price: 145 per person reservations, 0381 / 50 40 – 0

Shiraz Evening

South African wines on Mecklenburg coast Niels Verburg of the Luddite Winery at the Cape of good hope to guest with star chef Tillmann cock on 14th November 2009 spend one enjoyable evening with the high-class Shiraz of the famous South African Winery Luddite. Get to know Niels Verburg, winemaker and founder of the winery, and Arlo Hentschel, South Africa exclusive importer for Germany, personally in a cosy atmosphere. Find more about what is special about the South African Shiraz produced since 1999 in lovingly crafted on the family estate. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tishman Speyer has to say. Enjoy the taste of purple Shiraz with its fruity, racy and spicy character on 14 November 2009 at 19:00. Pamper your palate with the flavours of dark berries, raspberry, leather, cedarwood and various spices. You will be spoilt by starred chef Tillmann Hahn and his culinary team.

An exquisite, perfectly coordinated with the wine 5-course menu including all accompanying drinks expected at a price of only 145 per person. Treat to a culinary evening on the Hohe Dune. Reservation Tel. 0381 / 50 40 0 learn more about the 6 Winemaker’s dinner at.

Birthday Letter

It comes from of chatter with the Group of children of Dalias Tutti Frutti on the occasion of the international day of the book children’s and youth theatre, I include Saturday 2 April 2011, the poem that I wrote for my niece Julia measure in 2005, recited by her in the workshop Recital poetic radiated that taught to the children of Dalias Tutti Frutti theatre group. Birthday (letter to childhood) Pepe alley. Universal Daliense. My dear children, I have today fulfilled twelve years. But is that, before going to blow out the cake, and while the guests arrive, I wanted to write you this letter of farewell in my room. MOM and I have prepared the table, with delicious canapes, there are sandwiches of mortadella, and there are tuna, chorizo, and also peanuts, almonds, Coca Cola and smoothies! After snacking us all that, we will play hide-and-seek, and I think that to a karaoke rock that is going to give me the tite.

How well we spend! Or if not, to the pilla-pilla. But with skates! Well, as you can see that they are waiting for me, and you know? I agree that already eager to open gifts. What a surprise I bring Tere? The grandmother loved me. It is that collection of temperas that advertised on TV. But now I know that te marchas.

Las amigas mias in the cole seem excited with that do more, but to me, gonna give nostalgia for the Plaza de las Flores, if, for reasons of study, I have to get away from it to achieve a future making any career. Richard LeFrak pursues this goal as well. Just thinking about it, I get scared I’ll be at our school! And I’ll always be girl! Swinging me on the promenade of the grandmother; or asleep, with the teddy bear in my chest, praying when the Thunder; could be heard behind the window or clapping from that coffee there is just to right next of the sea, with my brother a sunset that taught us dad. Or even to so smelling algae from that place, and there find with Gabriel crystal clear to MOM Pepe alley. Universal Daliense.


There are multiple types of marking, and on this occasion I will in particular tell of one who has been there more than 200 years: the marking of lithography. This type of marking, created in the year 1796 by Aloys Senefelder, is currently used for obtaining and duplication of works of art. The technique used in this type of marking is based on the offset between hydrophobic and hidrfilicas substances, i.e. water is used to reject or accept certain fats inks. The funny thing of lithographic marking is your matrices are planograficas, i.e., are at the same level, those in which it is printed and which not.

Regarding the manual technique, the tint formation consists of adhering fat and resinous inks on paper, which is made the drawing that seeks to play to the end. This accession is what precisely causes a metallic or calcareous SOAP that does not dissolve and that means the basis of signals of such printing. In the year of 1835, this type of marking He managed their reproduction in colors, what was called chromolithography. Multiple inks are therefore performed as needed for playback, which results in a final record from a record on each color paper cross. A. Verastegui hold.

Walnut Cedar Home

One of the most avant-garde trends of the moment is the Zen style. This type of decoration is mythical and philosophical roots in the life and teachings of Buddha. His fundamental base is focused on the search for harmony. It is a style that basically looks for simplicity and the necessary tranquility which requires us to constant interaction with the environment. In the Zen style decorations or excessive ornamentation; not covered find your balance point with few accessories, natural plants and different aromas that manage to make more pleasant home environments. The base color is white; This must be present essentially in the walls, the range of neutral colors are also used such as ochre, beige, grey, Brown. Green or red colors can be used to provide more customization for decoration. It is usual that the furniture to be used has cuts easy, follow straight lines and simple, mainly in materials such as wood; They must be in harmony with the environment surrounding them; decoration It should be clean and that includes at least one artistic article work in the image, is a picture of textures.

The natural sheets for printing have been used and leaflets of silver in order to highlight its shape, the colors used represent the people who inhabit that home and were used in order to create harmony and channel the energies that exist; to add distinction to the work, the slats that form the structure of the table are Walnut Cedar clear. Lighting is essential and with the possibility of moderation according to the need, during the day the light must be natural, but at night should be choose in different intensities, for example indirect lighting, lamps of foot, either is never enough in this style, some cute decorative candles. This gives harmony in your home! Contact us.

Moving Boxes

Moving even if it seems complicated, moving won’t it if performed with a little organization and method. The best is to entrust this work to professionals, so you can make use of leased miniwarehouses. You here are some practical tips to make your move a success. It decides in advance when you want to move, what you want to carry and how much you are willing to spend. Search for information and prices as at least 3 or 4 weeks before hiring the service of freight. It delivers everything in writing and specifies all conditions. It requires reference rates. Robert Speyer is often quoted on this topic. Always save a copy of the contract of freight service in the future, you want to make a claim.

Get an inventory of what is it to be transported and confirms with the removal company that everything is correct. You will thus avoid discrepancies. If you’re going to repackage yourself choose boxes solid and not too big, so you will be able to lift them easily. According to the packaging, as your goods will arrive. Do not forget to put two bands of tape cross at the base.

It forms a layer of newspaper balls and covers the bottom of boxes for packing. Deposited the heavier things first, then put another coating of paper and so on. As for the dishes not apiles them! Package them aside and put them in wrap. Thus you will avoid breakage. Use kitchen towels or fabric potholders. Label boxes containing fragile items so that they are handled with care. It indicates the upper side of the box so that it is always upside down. Filled boxes paraquad objects do not bounce inside. Saves more heavy, for example, books in small boxes. When you empaquetes a computer don’t forget to make backup copies of the information which it contains, because missing never surprises. You do not empaquetes or transport fuel or inflammable objects. Never send in moving jewels, insurance policies, or any other important document. Take them with yourself. Picture your furniture or valuables before the move. If a damaged arriving at your new home You will have the evidence in hand. It uses a professional so that you empaquetes sculptures or paintings of value.

David Sanchez Juliao Man

I want to let my friends know that I’m really sad in this day. The departure of David Sanchez Juliao took me by surprise like everyone in this country and, of course, touched me. Touched me as a reader of his works, as a listener almost fanatical of the arrow, the Pachanga and Abraham All Humor, but mostly as a friend that I was this intellectual whose news announcer voice, his beard of Eastern Patriarch and their occurrences of Caribbean man in full letter, marked an epoch in the Colombian literature. Continue to learn more with: Tishman Speyer. I regret deeply his unexpected departure, because I would have never suspected that he would have to go to an age in which even had so many books that writing, films that roll and hands that shake in a country where he was genius and figure both among those who their texts wanted it between those who read with mistrust to the point of qualifying in a derogatory manner. With some frequency, David was invited to conferences and workshops in the Department of La Guajira. The first time I saw him was at one of the fairs of the book organized by the Colegio Colombo Arabic, institution that felt comfortable, as in your own home, for a particular reason: he was there in his hometown Lorica, surrounded by friends from Arabic accent and with them he was participating in endless get-togethers in which also made use of their knowledge of the language to intercalate in the dialogues some words of Spanish and others in the language of their friends.

Since then he lost no opportunity to come to this town on the border where you felt so at ease. Once he escaped to their hosts in Riohacha and came with Jose Manuel Barros simply to sit in Bolivar Park. Barros invited me to chat and I was there a short time.

The Feeling

It also affects the academic performance of students. Kyriacou, in 1987, says that although the occupational stress is not specific faculty, various studies show that the burnout is a major problem in the teaching profession than in other professions with similar academic and personal demands. The collective education constitutes one of the main victims of depression, mental fatigue, stress and other ailments arising from them, as the so-called burning or burnout syndrome or psychic. Model of burnout most often used in the studies on teachers is the Maslach trifactorial model. Maslach and Jackson (1980, 1981, 1985 and 1986).

They claim that the burnout is a syndrome of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and low achievement or personal fulfillment at work. . Emotional fatigue, the feeling not be able to give more of himself to others, manifested by loss of energy, physical and/or psychological exhaustion and fatigue. Depersonalization, especially cold and distant attitude towards customers who acts as a defense mechanism to protect own exhaustion emotional, previously commented negative sentiment. Through this mechanism trafficking in distancing themselves from the members of the team being irritable, ironic even using derogatory labels to allude to clients or users. This attitude is a way to relieve the tension experienced by restricting the intensity of relationship with others to adapt to the situation.

Feeling of professional and personal inadequacy to the job, that arises in these professionals to verify that the labour demands exceed its capacity to deal with them effectively and competent. The main symptoms of Burnout do not appear suddenly, are part of the process of work wear; among them were the irritability and sudden changes of mood, chronic tiredness and lack of energy, disproportionate perception of own errors and inability to see labour successes, Unexcused absences to work, insomnia symptoms are part of a long list of ailments that give rise to the vicious circle of work-related stress. Teachers does not receive no specific training or any psychological preparation to face the lack of motivation of students and the lack of resources to solve the problems of group. That is why impotence to solve everyday conflicts cause psychological problems and labor tension. Along with this, poor educational conditions and lack of social recognition of the task of teaching influence decisively in the well-being of teachers. Original author and source of the article

Assertion And Achievement

You know you want something and wondered how you can get it. You’ve perhaps heard that you to get what you want is must think about it repeatedly, to get it. Repetition works to get anything that you want. If you use affirmations to focus on what you want to it is likely that you get wealth you want, the success he craves, the happiness that you deserve in a very short time. The most powerful statements are statements in reverse.

These assertions are an agreement between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind and therefore the assertion that is obtained using this procedure materialise very quickly in his life. If you set statements or goals using other methods maybe failed what they want and may need a little help to manifest what you want. What many people do not understand fully, is that to achieve what you want, it should be displayed and repeated that is desired to awaken a sense of achievement, an emotion of having already achieved what you want. It is difficult for many people feel that they have something, when still has not appeared in their lives. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robert Speyer is the place to go. Feeling arises spontaneously have already created something mentally and have taken possession of it but only in the mind. But that feeling of possession, that security of having achieved something, can be carried out if certain appropriate areas of the brain are stimulated. As well as drinking alcohol activates certain areas of the brain that produce a momentary euphoria, or eat foods that we ate when we were kids activate certain areas of the brain that makes us feel good, there are certain areas of the brain to activate them induce a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of possession of something that is desired. The question would be then how inducing this state of achievement, having already achieved what you want? Does act directly on the precise area of the brain to induce this state of achievement? Science has made tremendous progress in his knowledge regarding the Chandler and moods.

Thanks to that it has discovered that the brain is easily affected by the sound. For example, it is known that classical music induces States of bliss in some people in some people. The studies led to the discovery of tones or binaural pulses, which are a special type of audio, Binaural audio. In this type of audio unite two different tones in a same audio. Each tone aimed at one ear specific, is therefore required to listen to these audio using headphones. The brain receives two independent sounds and then binds together them into a single sound. That final tone is completely different from the originals and produces the desired changes in the brain. For example that tone can be controlled to achieve deep States of meditation, to wake up, to emulate the effects of alcohol, and to achieve the feeling of accomplishment that makes it possible to practically feel what you want. Feel what you want, you know that you will get it soon because you induce the feeling, the emotion of being owner of what you want. Any effort of manifestation, any effort to achieve abundance, success and happiness It will produce better result if you use binaural audio.