You Can Lose In The Crisis

We face a shared concern with hundreds of thousands of people. No wonder there is always reason to fear. Care companies maintain their profits. When the marketing of products and services then the investment declines in wages are forced to be reduced. When that time comes no one is indispensable.

No matter who. According to Robert Shiller, who has experience with these questions. This situation significantly hit mental health of people. We all depend on a subsistence economy. Without money we can not solve most of our problems. Not to mention the responsibility we have with our family. How would we do to feed, clothe and fit to our children. Not just maintain the same financial slack that we have now. This is a very strong concern.

Anyone, I repeat, anyone can lose jobs in these days of uncertainty. And when there has been uncertainty? Well, now there’s more. We must think, plan, be prepared. That is the key to addressing this and many other problems. It is unacceptable that we do not have a savings account. That is a real security in times of crisis, but it is not unique. Preparation is essential. Let us beware of making unnecessary expenses, we must set priorities. What more is needed. Let’s think what else. Certainly the current problems and concerns can not be faced closing her eyes. There is no effective way to find solutions to deny the existence of problems. As much mental control you have, by many auto that applies telling ourselves that all is well, it will not work. They are real and external problems. They exist and affect us whether they want to or not they are there. In some religions cults are practiced in such dire straits that put people that makes them able to walk barefoot on coals And surprisingly concentrated in believing it is not so and manage to not feel pain. But the fire and heat are there, are real. And of course end up with charred plants. What good mentally repeating “everything is fine, nothing worries me, I’m happy, I successful, it will not affect me … “when deep down we know that nothing is guaranteed. Nothing says, unless our effort to understand the situation, our efforts to adapt and find real solutions. We do not want the same fate with the braces. What worries us most is not upset that generates uncertainty. The worst thing would deny it and therefore do not prepare. The consequences could be very undesirable indeed. You must be so far-sighted and have very acute vision. Nothing trances or denials of reality. You have to set foot on earth. To achieve this adaptation to current circumstances you need to be wide awake. Have all our senses alert. We need all our knowledge, the full power of our consciousness. Gone are the days of not taking advantage of your time, you have to think as clearly as we can. We can not leave the course of events to chance or the whims of fate. Our success or failure depends on the current situation, of course, of the current situation. We can not deceive us by telling us that everything is in us, that we have within the solution, this is false. All right outside and is clear. But neither can we stand idly by. There are always things we can and should do about it.

When In Doubt Consult An Expert

Consult an expert whenever you need to add or change personal information on a particular subject. Capture information concerning users and obtain personal data. 3 .- Business Processes and Internal Administration for: Perform collection process and communicate approvals of activities and / or actions. Notice and remember appointments, meetings, events, missed calls, s etc Establish interdepartmental communications and corporate clients. Email alerts of absenteeism, labor and organization. Manage projects and monitor cases. Human Resource Management: Recruitment, special reports and interviews.

Manage communications with third parties (trading partners) and workers who are traveling or away from the office (For example: Freelancers). Education 4 .- to: Check addresses schools, universities, institutes, s etc Searching and courses, programs and materials. Report dates and locations of educational events: Conferences, lectures, exams, s etc Send notifications of acceptance or rejection in the registration process. Communicate results of evaluations. Report schedule changes and classrooms. Report absences to parents with their children. 5 .- Information Technology to: Send alerts to confirm the arrival of the e-mails. Confirm user profile data, keys, passwords, s etc Email alerts: Malfunction, system failures and viruses.

Report date and time of the completion of passes to production or implementation of major changes in systems and platforms. Perform remote support. 6 .- Logistics and Transportation, to: Track loads, trucks, orders and deliveries. Controlling access to points of loading and unloading of goods. Report availability and supply of products. View and manage inventories. 7 .- Travel and Tourism, for: Report arrivals and departures: Flights, trains, ships, buses, s etc checkups, reservations and confirmations: Hotels, airlines, ferries, s etc Communicating travel information, tours , itineraries, special offers, destination information (health, currency, climate, language). Manage the preferences of passengers. 8 .- Banking and Finance, to: Perform banking: Check balances, make transfers, card payments (debit and credit) to seek and obtain statements, s etc Report updates customer data, provide banking alerts, get stock prices of the bags stock market (national and foreign), give percentages of profits, making special promotions, s etc Send credit card numbers virtual. Report actions taken at points of sale or ATM, s etc Get passwords for credit cards and debit cards. Remember the number of bank accounts. Request insurance policies and short-term loans. 9 .- Social networks, to: Promote public-use applications such as Facebook, Hi 5, Messenger, s etc Perform content sharing between members of specific groups. 10 .- Health to: Send messages to emergency rescue institutions or bodies. Communicating health-related events: Donation of organs, days of vaccination and blood donation, free medical exams days, s etc Report and view the location of clinics, hospitals, clinics, s etc To instruct and guide patients to specific therapies. Reconfirm appointments for patients. Get the results of medical examinations and laboratory as soon as possible.

Italy Enters Recession Economy

The global financial crisis knew would bring serious consequences, especially for many countries that already had cracks in its economy, which was enough for an earthquake to get something that is recently facing Italy In my last recent visit to that country is able to perceive crisis that the country is currently facing, unemployment, low occupation of a work force that favors him. Unemployment is already manifest. Therefore, it is not surprising, as noted,, the Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) recently announced that Italy has officially entered the dreaded recession, which requires two quarters of economic contraction. In the third (July-September), Gross Domestic Product fell 0.5%, adding to the low of 0.4% for the quarter April to June. LeFrak Organization recognizes the significance of this. The statistical picture looks dusty, backward: things are much worse and everyone knows it prepares for a 2009 appalling. And Italy joined the group of most industrialized nations of the planet, integrated into the G-7 together with the U.S., Germany, France, Britain, Japan and Canada, whose central bank announced yesterday that two consecutive quarters of that country's economy has not grown.

The group represents 55% of world production. If we add the other countries with negative growth, 66% of the world economy is in recession. Russia, an external partner of the G-7, is the only nation in that group has not entered into a recessionary cycle. Of the four largest economies in the world, U.S., Japan, China and Germany in that order, only the Chinese giant did not enter at that stage still negative.

Blue Flowers Are Beautiful

The world of flowers offers a wide variety of beautiful shades and colors that are her beauty and odors can captivate the attention of any person, as a beautiful flower can make people see the immense beauty that is nature and that many forgone times, but there are some flowers or types of flowers that can make you feel much more vibrant and the purity of nature and are the blue flowers, which have a very nice tone, you can say that the tone of these flowers almost is a pastel, hence reference is made much of its beauty. As mentioned above the blue flowers can have a pastel shade, there are others that have a clear blue color, however there are others that can have an almost purple, depends on the type of seed to be planted, as each seed has a variation and may go a very blue, others will soon be a little paler, finally there are many factors that can influence the fact that the blue flowers come out in such a way, among other of those factors that make or favor to actually blue flowers have this color is the soil composition, because if the soil is very acidified will make certain flowers that can vary in color, are actually blue flowers, to achieve this effect is usually applied to a garden or in an open aluminum sulfate

But if the flowers are in a pot would be ideal to use citric acid, which causes the substrate to become acid, another way for flowers that are light colored, becomes blue flowers is making a much more artificial, since it does not work in the dirt but after that the flower is cut, is adhered by means of a spray dye or a blue and white flowers, can become blue flowers, a form is putting the stem in a small bowl of dye and the flower stalk begins to absorb the liquid to take it to the petals and flowers so white or shades of blue flowers will faint, which would be a process similar to the absorption of the element in the soil and therefore its effect lasts longer, as takes, the other way is to apply a spray or put the petals in a dye to change color blue, which is a very fast way to make the change, but as the tone lasts less time should be clarified that this is a how to make flowers look blue, it is best to get blue flowers which are of such form by natural process, because they are much more beautiful, the colors are permanent and a high variety and range of tones that is unmatched tones that are made in a controlled or artificial, so if you see all the beauty of the blue flowers is best to get by the simple natural process, unless a special flower that does not have the variety in blue tone and for this reason it makes the process so that it is in such color.. According to Richard LeFrak, who has experience with these questions. . .

Viennese Classicism

Classical music in Vienna, the world city of music the Vienna residence Orchestra, a Chamber Orchestra with long tradition, was founded by the pianist and conductor Paul Moser, to perform the works of the Viennese classical school in perfection. The numerous series of events of the last few decades have been performed in Vienna’s most beautiful Palace. The Orchestra plays works by Mozart and Johann Strauss in cast of 10 to 40 musicians. in 1991, the Orchestra was the official representative of Austria at the Mozart Memorial celebrations and played numerous concerts at the Festival “Wiener Klangbogen”. Which visitors to Vienna comes not, or perhaps first and foremost to Vienna to here experience the works of Viennese Classicism and the Strauss dynasty, authentic brought out? For those who want to enjoy classical music in Vienna, the Vienna residence Orchestra works by W.A.Mozart, Johann and Josef Strauss, Johann Strauss plays father daily in the famous Palais Auersperg. The Palais Auersperg was place the premiere of the seven words of Christ at “Crosses” by Josef Haydn, place the Austrian premiere of Mozart’s Idomeneo and inspiration for Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s libretto to Der Rosenkavalier “by Richard Straus. Now, the Palace is the Vienna residence Orchestra in residence. Card requests under, Tel.: + 43 1 817 21 78 or fax: + 43 1 813 28 65 website: information page: classical concerts in Vienna download video: LeNozzediFigaro. mp3

Admiral BBs Club

The tea book author Rainer Schmidt to guest at the culinary training a special afternoon expected all tea lovers on May 29th, 2010 at 16:00 at the Admiral BBs Club of the Yacht Harbour residence High Dune. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Robert Speyer on most websites. In this pleasure school, the renowned author Rainer Schmidt presents fine teas with excellent quality. At an early age, the Hanseatic merchants of tea discovered his extraordinary passion for tea, where he participate all interested connoisseurs can be next Saturday. “The founder of the Hamburg import and export company Hanse tea” presents exquisite teas, explains their origin, as well as processing and allows the participants personally convinced of their taste. In addition, he gives valuable tips for a perfect tea ceremony and how is helped the flavors for the full development. Enjoy to be learned under the motto”regular informal meetings with experience character held in the exclusive Admiral’s Club of the Yacht Harbour residence High Dune.

In a cosy atmosphere introduces Tillmann tap experts in the lifestyle industry. Speakers and experts provide tips and tricks to culinary lifestyle products and tobacco passionate aficionados and curious beginners. The participation of enjoying school at the Yacht Harbour residence High Dune is free of charge. Registration at the following number: 0381 / 50 40 – 0

High Dune Marina

Last places back again for the limited South African wines from the winery de Trafford that receives high dunes yacht harbor residence on May 27, 2011 all lovers of good wine and taste to the Winemaker’s dinner. A Symphony of a Sternekoch by Tillmann cock awaits health 5-course menu with the these wines by David de Trafford. Originally, David de Trafford acquired the area below the South African hero er mountain, to pursue his hobby – the wine-growing -. But showed quickly that the Valley offers great potential for red grape varieties. This prompted David de Trafford around the beautiful farm of Mont Fleur to buy more wineries.

And so wines with pronounced character and originality arise after several experimental phases since 1976. Highest requirements for quality are the maxim by David de Trafford. There are wines that are all characterized by their individuality. Not many places are available for the Winemaker’s dinner available. Wine lovers should act quickly, because the wines are usually hard to find.

Maximum 3 000 boxes are produced per year, manageable to the production processes and to keep the quality high. Enjoy this culinary evening of pleasure on May 27, 2011 at 19:00 in the gourmet restaurant the butt in the seaside resort of Warnemunde and indulge yourself by Tillmann Hahn and his culinary team. A tailored perfectly to the wine, exquisite 5-course menu including all accompanying drinks, awaits you for a price of only 145 per person. Reservations are placed under 0381 / 50 40 – 0 Yacht Harbour residence High Dune Marina 1 18119 Rostock-Warnemunde may 27, 2011 gourmet restaurant the butt 19: 00 price: 145 per person reservations, 0381 / 50 40 – 0

Ecuadorian People

With as soon as a thread of voice, Nancy, an Ecuadorian citizen, low to the street and gave thanks to the 150 people who from the 8,30 in the morning and during four hours concentrated themselves in front of their house, in the Sicily street, Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), not to let enter the property a judicial retinue that she had to execute the ousting. The demonstrators, students, housewives, retired and old woman fighters of left, achieved their objective: to postpone the embargo of this pair with four children, the small of 12 and two years, for want of payment. I want to give thanks to all these people who are here been helping at the moment so hard, said Nancy with entereza after confirming the delay. A neighbor gave the bud to him of a plant. And, it already, more calmed, supported then the face in the shoulder of Maribel, a friend of the Platform of Affected by Hipoteca (PAH) and cried almost in silence. Source of the news: : Pido the opportunity to demonstrate what I can hacer"

Opening A Representative Office In Germany

Procedure for opening a representative office is regulated by law and are not difficult if the opening and registration accompanied by a specialist familiar with the legal system of Germany. First and foremost, in order to be able to start its activities, the company must be registered in the commercial register at the location of the mission. Application for entry in the commercial register must contain certain information as to the enterprise, such as the legal form of enterprise ownership, size, capital, etc., as well as information on the written representation, in particular, address and scope of the company, the date decision to open a representative office, the data on persons of interest representation, with a description of their powers. Attached to the application certified copies of the memorandum of association, articles of association enterprise, the decision to open a representative office, and others with the translation of these documents in German. Dell will not settle for partial explanations. If the implementation of the proposed activity requires special permission, by the application for registration must be applied and the resolution of the institutions and agencies. Registration in the Commercial Register in electronic form through a German notary. In addition, there is the issue of registration in the financial bodies and questions of legal residence head office in Germany. This article serves the purpose of general information and not a substitute for individual consultation..


A crucial factor in a student’s language is the language courses with an international flair. Students have the choice between a host family or a residence here. While the lessons and activities for all are the same, despite the decision of the accommodation should be well thought-out. The accommodation is its individual character of the journey. Students in a dormitory of the College or in a youth hostel are accommodated in a residence. Characteristic accommodation with other young people together here. Da real college feeling comes up.

The short distances to come to the lessons and activities. Students who are housed in a residence, are right in the middle. In the summer, the universities in England are often used as schools. So the residences are no longer busy with students, but with young people from around the world who take a student study trip to England. A special ambiance and space to international friendships.

The Accommodation in a host family is interesting especially for those who want to dive during their study into the culture of the host country. Dinner invites to the chat and the student learns much about the family and the host country. A stay in the host family is very conducive for the language skills, finally is here of course on the language spoken. A high degree of customization willingness and openness obviously requires the student to be a guest in a foreign family. However, that is rewarded with a whole new experience. The life in a foreign household well prepared for more travel and abroad. Although many differences to the home will find the young people, but also many similarities can be found and the global cohesion will be strengthened in this way. Factors such as age and personality of the language student should be considered when deciding on the accommodation. Younger students are often better placed in a residence, older Young people have often the challenge host family during their youth learn to engage in pleasure. It is usually observed by language travel organizer. On children language courses, host families are often not available as accommodation.