Sea Windows

Do not think that the bottom is bare, one only white sand. No, they grow trees and flowers unseen with flexible stems and leaves, that they were moving as if alive, at the slightest movement of water. A fish scurry among the branches, large and small, just like a bird in the air above us. In the deepest place there is a palace of king of the sea – its walls made of coral, tall arched windows of the purest amber, and the roof completely shell, they then open and close, depending on, the tide or ebb, and it is very beautiful, because each are shining gems, and any would be a great ornament in the crown of the queen herself. King of the sea long ago became a widower, and he ran the economy his old mother, clever woman, but hurts so very proud of his blue blood: the tail she wore twelve oysters, while the other grandees were supposed to only six.

Otherwise, it is laudable, especially because doted on his little granddaughter – princesses. There were six, all very pretty, but all the sweeter was the youngest, with the skin clean and soft as rose petal, with blue eyes and deep as the sea. Only she, for that matter, and the rest, the legs do not was, instead of them had a tail like a fish. All day long played a princess in a palace in spacious houses, where the walls have grown fresh flowers. Revealed large amber windows, and inside the fish swim in, just like we swallows fly into the house, when windows are open, only the fish swam straight for the little princesses, were taken from their hands and allow themselves to eat bleach.

Zhnocha Reading Room

'Zhnochy circle' in Ternopol, 1901 p. 'Zhnocha Reading Room' in Dolin 'Circle ukranskih dvchat y Lvov, 1903 p. zhnoch tovaristva in Berezhany i Rogatin, 1909 p. in Lvov 'Zhnocha mass'. Sered Gromadska-dobrochinnih organzatsy active bulls' Tovaristvo Ruska zahoronka ',' Tovaristvo opki over his household that robtnitsyami ',' Tovaristvo vakatsynih donkey ',' Tovaristvo opki over dtmi that moloddyu '.

Zagalnoderzhavny character Gromadska MAV-ruh dobrochinny prostituts contradiction. Thus, in napriklad Lvov dyala Ruska flya zagalnoavstryskogo 'Tovaristva St. Rafala '. Dovol actively yshla rozbudova zhnochih organzatsy relgyno-dobrochinnogo spryamuvannya 'Marnske tovaristvo Pan' (Lviv, 1904), 'Mironosits' (Chernvts, 1904) Tovaristvo Orthodox Rusinok (Chernvts, 1908) 3. Odnochasno z stvorennyam i klksnim zrostannyam zhnochih organzatsy on zahdnoukranskih lands yshlo vsezrostayuche zaluchennya zhnok to dyalnost rznomantnih Gromadska organzatsy, napriklad, to robots in 'Prosvt' pedagogchnomu tovaristv 'Rusky besd' kooperativ 'People torgvlya' she n.

Dyalnst zhnok in Tsikh tovaristvah, yak usually not directly bula pov'yazana z spetsifchno femnstichnimi zavdannyami, ale ob'ktivno spriyala new psihologchnomu spriynyattyu zhnki in susplstv. Dyalnst zhnochih organzatsy perodu persho svtovo vyni bula tsno pov'yazana s current natsonalno-susplnimi require. Y vonn Rocky zhnotstvo took an active part in that dobrochinny santarny robot. In that Kiv nshih mstsyah Ukrainian zhnki pratsyuvali in 'Tovaristv Relief bzhentsyam' dopomagayuchi vtkacham, zakladnikam that polonenim. Kivsky Ukrayinsky Club for Spital peretvoreny LUVs in yakomu pratsyuvali Ukrainian zhnki, veduchi odnochasno natsonalno-vihovnu robot sered wounds. So very active in haritativny dyalnost pratsyuvalo zhnotstvo Zahdno Ukraine. Y Vdn Ukrainian zhnki zasnuvali Komtet Relief wounds soldier, scho opkuvavsya ukranskimi warriors on vdenskim lkarnyam. Young zhnotstvo contained up to a warehouse vyskovih chastin.


1. Windows almost do not miss the cold in the room. In practice, any window produces more heat from your room to the street than any wall. That is, in terms of heat required to construct an apartment with no windows. Want to live in such a interesting house? Windows and doors are not looking for anything give the most heat loss in an ordinary home.

No in all respects, the warm ups. Unfortunately? However, normal present-day window is approximately twice as effectively save heat in your home than the old wood. The only weak link in the modern metal-glass window is, by virtue of higher thermal conductivity compared with plastic. Heat exchange process is beyond stopped, but allowed to slow down by using energy-saving glass, plastic sheeting, triple-pane windows. 2.

Window, without exception, all jammed street noise. Gum street under the window, hitting a , the noise though strongly attenuated plastic windows with normal glazing, but will still be heard, by the secondary vibration plastic and glass. Personally, if no digits, the noise does not disappear, but it decreases very significantly by compensating for fluctuations with rubber gaskets. Moreover stands to break a window to a larger number of small parts, since large glass more susceptible to resonance. Moreover, one must remember that as soon as you open the window – all the insulation away. Once you have seriously decided to fight the noise, you need to take care of the air conditioner. 3. Inside the glass – vacuum.


From 9 to 12 April 2009 at CEC "Expocentre" on Red Presnya held the 2nd International Exhibition for professionals and amateurs Landscape Design – 'House and the SBP / MOSCOW GARDEN SHOW'. The exhibition took place competition 'Fashion on the landscape', the theme of the competition This year's "Garden for the stars." Our garden won the Grand Prix in the competition! The authors of the project – Belogrud Irina, Natalia Kaminska explication of the plan: 1) Wooden flooring 2) Tapestry 3) Mirror 4) Gravel dumping Garden "Inspiration" nomination mini-garden is dedicated to Boris Shcherbakov. Every creator and maker need inspiration, in the heart of any creative work is an inspiration, an actor, it is required to play the role well. By creating this garden, we wanted to our garden, Boris Shcherbakov attended the inspiration that brought as a result of the fruits of his creative life. Violet is used in the garden – attracted philosophers and dreamy nature, carries something romantic. Garden Area 24 sqm.

Round deck, located in the center, focuses on all the space of the garden, the action unfolds like about him. In the composition of plants, such as vertical accents, used Thuy cropped under spiral – it gives it a uniqueness and individuality. On one side is adjacent to the garden wall of a building to expand the space and create the perception of continuation of the garden, the project had used a large round mirror. Plants and purple lanterns reflected in a mirror, catch the eye, I want to stay in front and the back wall porazmyshlyat.Na for decking using vertical planting techniques, we use galvanized mesh She serves as the basis for the plant. Plants pistachio and golden tones, climb the back wall, enliven the garden, add the accents of the composition and create a joyful mood. Thanks to the trellis, plants and "green wall "behind the scenes and there is a sense of security, in such a garden wants to retire and meditate. Boris Shcherbakov was in this garden, he liked the idea of designers, their opinions, he expressed the words: – My garden is the the best! The goal was achieved, the actor Shcherbakov not remain indifferent, and we were awarded the title winners!

Street Litter

All around clean and beautiful, you can relax and rest well, right? Of course, not only in the office or at home, but also in the park, your garden, in public places. Comfort create a convenient things in life: beautiful benches, urns, vases. al. For example, street litter, which is usually installed in the city, office bins and ashtrays for office space. In a private house can stand the urn in the garden or outdoor ashtrays on the terrace.

Urns can be made of metal and concrete. Issue with smoked cigarettes, cotton waste would be solved through the ballot boxes and ashtrays on the street. If the boxes are not enough to harvest large masses of debris, purchase trash containers. Today are made different kinds of containers. Especially durable container, metal, plastic containers with excellent design, including containers for solid waste. Concrete flower pots and park benches will add originality and beautiful parks, squares, gardens, streets, embankments. Change the gray streets of the city, will help cheer up their specially assigned by the city authorities outdoor vases and flower pots. These simple creation bring comfort to our lives.

Evangelism Explosion

So by their fruits ye shall know them. Not everyone who says Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, and No prophesy in your name, and your name cast out demons in Your name perform many miracles? And then I declare I never knew you: depart from me, you evildoers. Whoever therefore who hears these words, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, who built his house upon the rock. Rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house, and did not fall, it was founded on the rock. But anyone who hears my words and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man who built his house upon the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house, and fell, and great was its fall.

"Well, but this will be part of another lesson on how to be a true Christian. A METHOD We all know why and evangelize, but many, like I said before, make excuses that they do not know how. As for remove that excuse today we will learn an easy, simple, flexible and powerful way to evangelize. is the method of Evangelism Explosion. I have given a sort of outline for the edify us on how to testify effectively. Obviously not here learn as complete as discussed in the Ministry, but what we learn, I assure my loved ones Asherah suficientisimo! Well once we move to develop it.

The Developers

Includes a brush with a small setae. First you "sprayed" onto the surface of pairs of clothes from a distance, and then pass the brush, and sucks the condensate with dirt. Very effective! According to machine tool is very easy to clean the fur, as well as live plants, especially those that can not be wiped with a napkin. This applies to ferns and other similar domestic plants. Processing plant steam in the distance, you will not only clean, but also disinfects them. See will very clean.

As for the fur. K & D attached additional small brush. If you put on her specially stitched pouch that is included, and hold on the fur, the bag will be black. This applies to all coats, including including mink. Checked! Fur very well cleaned with steam. The device works and how the steam.

Can be stripped velvet stuff, curtains, etc. But you first need to choose the right distance from the stripped surface, because if the fabric is very delicate, it may be a great spot from the condensation of steam. The developers have paid special attention to ensuring that this unit has been quietly as possible. And in comparison tests with other models of "Space" shows the best results. When working with iron there is no noise at all. ach produces steam but does not make noise and not a whiz at this. What type of water poured into the housing ako? Manufacturer does not insist on boiled water – You can use plain water from the tap.


Almost every man has his own villa, where he spends all his vacation. For many, giving is a garden and a vegetable garden, some of them here just resting. Get away from city bustle, do not forget about comfort, because even in the temporary housing should always be clean and tidy. Curtains in the country are no less important than in the city, but here one should refrain from buying expensive drapes from high quality materials – typically, in the country, they quickly and places to wash next to is not there. Became particularly popular in the curtains in a country style.

This word comes from the English and is a symbol of suburban comfort. Indeed, so eager, after long hours of work in the garden under the the scorching sun to drink in the cool of tea, while feeling comfortable. Curtains for questioning should be unpretentious, simply put, simple colors and traditional patterns and forms. It would seem unremarkable curtains, which would in looked very dim, out of town are a symbol of warmth and coziness. In the summer house everything has to be at home easy, nothing unusual here is not necessary. Curtains country style with floral patterns are – they look strictly and orderly, but in doing so with their bright coloring and simple delight the eye.

Most often in the summer house are many colors, so blind to the cells and stripes are very organically coexist with them. The design of the curtains used cute stencil that will remind them of folk art. Impression of lightness is created with pink, blue, green and other bright colors. Looking at those curtains, I remember the best of life, there is good mood. Most often, country style curtains are made of linen, cotton and other natural fabrics. To testify can be used and pelmet, pelmets country style is simple and concise, it completes the image of a harmonious window opening. A characteristic feature in the style of curtains country – to hang curtains on , loops, bows – all this will look cute and such minor details will give the desired room coziness

Radiators – Heat In The House

A rare happy owner of a private house, villas, cottages or apartments thinking about winter, the beautiful, warm, summer day. And when it's cold season and the battery barely warm to the touch and you have to wrap up in wool sweaters, constantly chasing electric heaters. In such cases, only the dream of a warm summer. Should I suffer? In order to keep warm in winter and make your house really warm – we need decisive action. Must adjust heating. You can start with changing the batteries obsolete goals, installation of modern heating. Such measures are relevant to residents of various cities: Ekaterinburg, Tyumen, Moscow, Vladivostok and others, any points in Russia. Where start, you ask? How to choose a reliable radiator? Radiator – is a device which circulates heated to a certain temperature heat transfer fluid (water or antifreeze).

Heatsink design provides efficient transfer of heat from the coolant in a heated room. Types of heaters by way of heat transfer in a heated room all the heaters are divided into three types: radiation, convection-radiation and convection. Radiation type heaters transfer heat by radiation (radiation). For example: ceiling radiators, sectional cast iron radiators, tubular radiators. Instruments convective-radiative type provide space heating by radiation and convection in about equal proportions. To this type belong sectional aluminum radiators, steel sectional radiators bimetallic heaters, tubular heaters, convectors. To the heater convective type up to 90% are such that the bulk of its heat into the surrounding space transfer by convection, ie Air Circulation bottom-up through a heated ribbed surface of the device.

Secondary Market

Due to the dynamics of the credit market there is precedent for removal of the car is in the mortgage and who succeeded to this point, several owners. In fact, the bona fide purchaser is collateral by the debtor on any of the previous owners. Than it threatens the usual buyers? How this situation could affect the secondary market cars? Try to understand … It's hard not to notice what the consequences for bona fide purchasers may have created a precedent, which has the formal characteristics of law. From now on, when the pledge of the vehicle is not registered anywhere and information about this can not be obtained, purchase of any car in the secondary market is extremely risky, since any of the previous owners could use the vehicle as collateral.

Today legal and technical remedies used car buyer does not exist. This means that if you do not modify the current practice of mortgage vehicles, the secondary market of expensive cars greatly shaken, and with it likely to reduce size of the market of new cars, because in most cases the funds to buy new machines from the sale of second-hand. If you look at this situation on the other hand, we can see artless benefit dealers. After the purchase of machinery or by hand at the car becomes a lottery, most buyers will go to the company's reputation and guarantees. Thus, will thrive trade-in, increase sales of new and used cars through car dealers. Of course, we can assume that the cabin might try to sell 'unclean' car, but the legal support company certainly solve any problems. Since many of the security services have access to the credit histories of people and their personal business. The most interesting thing in this situation, the lender can legally find their funds in full volume from the last owner of the mortgaged vehicle, even if the owner knew of the existence of such a mortgage, and he in turn can refer only to the previous seller.