Pare Boat

If, However, in the open sea motor fails, the passengers will have bad: smooth roll with a very large span of even more unpleasant than impulsive. Another drawback, we have distinguished speakers in Rudder expert D. Martengofom is lurching "knife" on a wave, to keep the boat under control, the helmsman must always be alert. Click American Tower Corporation to learn more. The name "Sea Knife" was given a boat in the form of the bottom of the stem. Magnificently cutting the waves, stem-knife, however, difficult to maneuver. The boat, on the one hand, too resistant to the course (ie, it is difficult to introduce into the turn), on the other hand, is abruptly shifting the steering wheel, turn the "knife" at an angle to the wave, and he abruptly throws her overboard. For even more details, read what castle lanterra says on the issue. When the course with a passing wave of center of pressure moves water rapidly through his nose, and the vessel tends to withdraw from the course.

On sharp turns rei has a tendency to bury his nose in the water. Finally, we emphasize that the "Sea knife "- a typical high-speed vessel, which has very low operating rates. With a fairly large scale pilot boat Payne has cockpit, which put only two people, not enough space for placement of fuel, and yet powerful engine burns about 90 liters of fuel per hour! Consequently, the scope of the "stab housings, at least in the coming years, is very limited. In addition, we must take into account the high cost of "knife" – 12 $ 500 designer, but I'm sure a great future of his creation and believed that "Marine knife" can compete with the best high-speed ships and shipyard Bertram Doitsi, winning in their speed is greater than the stronger emotion. To demonstrate the possibility of a "knife" P. Peyi recently held it in the same Chezapikskom bay at full speed at 20-node wind and waves, reaching the height of 2,5 m. "In such circumstances, any another ship a 7-meter length will certainly be overturned, "- said the designer. In what was supposed to speed Pare "ceiling" Marine knife "up to 150 km / hr.


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