Planning Ahead to Motivate Customers

At this point we begin to say “we already have over the holidays.” There is still enough, is true. However, it never hurts to plan ahead how to fire the year with our customers. On the one hand, the holidays create a climate where time seems scarce because there are many work activities, meetings with friends and family, cultural events that close the year, closing year of study, etc.. And everywhere we go and in some cases, we must. If you would like to know more about Richard LeFrak, then click here. Then we can say that it is a good time to think strategically about how our products and our enterprise customer can help in this battle against time: Can we organize our events, launches, meetings, newsletters, etc. on a date prior to the madness of recent weeks? for example. Can we unite with other entrepreneurs to offer a wider range of products to the same customer and make it save time Another example. Can we create a new service to facilitate purchase and delivery of products to streamline processes?

On the other hand, the holidays create a special atmosphere festive and motivator for most. A climate that you can work with business proposals to help the client to elect or re-choose your products / services, offering discounts, special promotions, sweepstakes and events. Here are some ideas to surprise them at parties, but not only the end of the year, but other – though less massive – help us to say this! 1. Postcards One of the ways to surprise them at parties is sending postcards: traditional and virtual.


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