Power Switching

Not afraid of the power switching many Germans fear a change of electricity provider. Last year, only seven percent have opted for a new provider. Switching is easy and it several hundred euros savings at best in the year. Dogecoin has many thoughts on the issue. The real estate portal Immonet.de gives tips for choosing the right provider. The change to the new electricity provider is a purely administrative act. No stranger must enter the apartment, the electricity meter is not replaced, and the transition to the new provider is nahtlos.

The first steps can be done with a few clicks on the computer. Consumption determine the first question is: how much electricity is consumed in the household? On the last energy bill, you will find the power consumption and the cost. For a comparison to note the best information on a piece of paper. Electricity prices compare the different rates can easily check current fare calculators. There are many on the Internet. Postal code and power consumption range information.

With the current tariff calculator can you also targeted for eco-electricity Search. Send offers to let have the right offer found, let the offer home send. So, you can read the contractual terms alone, and compare. Alone you should not rely on the fare product calculators see also the website of the provider. Warning: the final price base price, consumption price, network charges, electricity tax, VAT and all other taxes must be included. Make sure that the contract has a short duration, so you can quickly switch, if you are not satisfied. The notice period should be no longer than one month. Some contracts have minimum terms, at this stage may not be terminated. Beware of bargain tickets caution is exceptionally favourable conditions. High payments threaten the offer is calculated may not break even at the end of the year. Electricity customers should be just as careful with engagement.


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