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That we are eternal students of architecture, we learned to know the importance that attached to any student or professional application of the method of design of Kussan, from which we start to analyze the different activities that allow us, to perform the zoning within an architectural design, or a pattern of architectural design (the same repertoire of a group of equal custom-made works)both for individual works, and for the large urban architectural ensembles. Classifying as valid method for both scales of work. Many professionals subordinated their knowledge to their experience, and many times not made the implementation of this innovative and scientific method, which many professors of architecture we begin in this complex world of projecting scientifically and not to blossom, so it is always a fun, creative, and enterprising, exercise in our professional work. Professor Rita McGrath is likely to agree. Before you begin to think with the Kussan method, let’s look at the Argentine method Livyngston: those who have had the opportunity of reading and practicing a method of design of dwellings participatory as the Argentine Lyvingston, may have noticed differences with the Kussan method, because to our view that all the method developed by him, valid on its way to the architectural pattern is its participatory approach, or are: participatory interviews, and appointed participatory games: the type +-(to appreciate what we like about the House and what we like least psychologically), as well as the ideal House (in which the user creates and explains the ideal home of your dreams independent to their economic resources and terrain available), and how you want it your House (or what is named the P.C.which with the help of the architect, it draws as you want initially to the architectural design of your home). So far a great Inter-relationship is formed with the client, that we can discover what bothers him, what thing It makes feel bad inside the House, and discover ideas that the has to your home when it comes to restore it, modify, extend it or make a new home. . Hear other arguments on the topic with Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty.


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