Repair Of Apartments

Throughout his life, people tend to coziness and comfort. Thousands of years ago, this was achieved by placing skins on the floor and walls, and now – with the arrangement of apartments or private homes. To live in a pleasant environment, need to create one. And then in the mind of man in the street looms the terrible word "repair". Repair of varying degrees of complexity: cosmetic overhaul and renovation.

Cosmetic includes such work as cleaning ceiling, wall of paint and wallpaper, filling, removal of doors, windows, setting new, renovation or complete replacement of flooring, and if there is a balcony, his finishing. Duration depends on room size and number of necessary procedures. Overhaul begins with the destruction of walls and flooring. Next is the redevelopment of the plaster ceiling, new walls, complex electrical work, replacement of plumbing, windows, doors and balconies. Separately isolated renovation. This is due to the fact that it should be done only by professionals with years of experience who know the international standards in this area. Before starting work on a mandatory Order must be drawn up jointly with the customer design project, ie "Painted" look flat, indicating materials, their quantity, texture and color.


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