Residential Real Estate

The latter guarantees a quality cleaning. The company is always at work taking care that the furniture and technical equipment of dwellings they serve our clients reliably and many years to come. Such assistance from our on our part is especially useful to those who by nature of their activity or condition health can not maintain the required degree of cleanliness in their homes independently and regularly. Harvesting houses and cottages Residential Real Estate, which now becomes more and more people in the capital, needs supervision and care. She, like an office complex located in downtown Moscow, need daily cleaning and quality. Moscow – a huge and over the city, and from a company that has taken on such work, required is simply magnificent cleaning.

Professional cleaning of homes and cottages includes: Spring cleaning – the establishment of an ideal order on the designated area, thorough cleaning of facades, and water effluent cleansing sewage from grass, dirt and debris. Thus, we not only remove the interior of buildings, but also perform various required external works, even if there is an urgent need to clean the snow from yard and knocking down icicles from the roofs. By the way, for individuals, we propose not just cleaning. Apartment renovation also included in the list of services we offer. For example, our customers have bought separately or together various for cleaning and restoration of floors, walls, suspended ceiling mount, etc. Cleanliness, comfort and order – this is one of the basic values of modern life. And what would be fun no matter your job or personal life – a place where you live and work, must always be perfectly clean to want to go there every morning and every evening. The company "Cleaning-Service" and there is to this ideal order throughout the life with you both at home and at work. We work to ensure that your work has been more comfortable and efficient – no dirt around! Only clean floors, clean clothes and clean thoughts! Source:


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