Rights And Obligations Of Tenants

Trouble with tenants and landlords avoid you as a tenant in an apartment building should consider behave the same, that there is no friction among you and your fellow tenants. You should have understanding for your neighbors and adhere strictly to the provisions of the House rules. Disputes among tenants often results unnecessary conflicts with the landlord. As a landlord you don’t like to see it, if its tenants squabbling. The rental agreement or the rules of the House reveal the main points which must be followed here. In the stairwell: one of the most important points in an apartment building is the staircase.

You should be aware that may be this is not one of your apartment and only a few of your parts there are housed here. You should place large items such as furniture, plants or even a motorcycle only after consultation with your landlord there. “Renovation and smaller tags: as tenant of an apartment may refer to the usual modifications such as E.g. nails in the walls”. make. You may also perform holes in wall and floor tiles if they are required.

The landlord must accept these measures and also may not request to extract the drilled to flow to Exchange. Walls and ceilings may of course delete tenants with color. These must be returned however to extract in their clock jump. During major changes such as installing a bathtub or break of a wall, the landlord must agree to be sure. If the apartment has been upgraded by the reconstruction, there should be no problems here but with the landlord. Commercial use of the apartment: as long as your activity is regarded as a desk, you may use your home for your professional needs. The landlord must only be wondered if the activity causes more noise or several employees of the company to use the apartment. In this case, the landlord may agree if a commercial lease. Animal husbandry in the apartment: If you keep a pet in your home may is in your lease. Best contact here directly to your landlord or a local tenant Covenant. Visit and party: Visitors are allowed anytime in your home receive. You however have planned a birthday party with many guests and loud music, to advise, to inform your fellow tenants of the planned projects in a timely manner is so you. These were the most important obligations and rules which you should keep as a tenant.


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