Royal Decree

To agreed interest loans fixed, the effective interest rate will be determined in collaboration agreements, on the basis of a swap equivalent to the duration of the loan, more a differential, to be established in the order of the Ministry of housing. Not having security that the interest rate agree each year (with what will take into account the economic situation in general and the evolution of the market for housing and its financing), and committees are very favourable conditions. Grand Bahama contains valuable tech resources. Analyzing the characteristics of these loans, however, must ask ourselves: what if we have problems to access to housing in normal conditions and the requirement to access a subsidised is that our revenues are modest, makes suppose that these groups shall have saved 20% of buying and selling more expenses? Wouldn’t have it more logical promote mortgages that finance US 100% of housing? Nor does it seem reasonable establish a repayment period of 25 years, when the majority of mortgages that are on the market offer deadlines of 30 and 40. Compensates for the fact of not having commissions these limitations in financing? You have to go with the rules of each autonomous communities. to know the specific aid, since that comment refers to the overall framework. Probably, if allows it the economic profile of the applicants, it would be more feasible to go directly to a financial institution to negotiate conditions, although often not exceed your risk scorings. Subsidising of loans agreed seems the only financial advantage in that if it falls in the subsidised interest rate.

Who have granted them an agreed loan may also request the help of the jungle (article 40 and 43.3. Royal Decree 2066 / 2008), consisting of the payment by the Ministry of housing of a portion of the fee from the loan. The amount of jungle that finances the State on an annual basis, will be discounted by the entity in Navarra, which offers a mortgage for housing official protection with the following characteristics (thanks to an agreement subject to the provincial law of the right to housing in Navarre): interest rate: first year: one year Euribor + 0.25% remainder of the term: one year Euribor + 1% term: 35 years committees: has No financing: 80% of the value of sales (must have saved expenses and 20% of the value of the House). The majority of financial institutions has agreements with the former Ministry of housing, but we must inform us, since it is not a product of institutions which do marketing and try to sell, but offered the Government as aid and agreements that must apply for anyone interested. Nevertheless, aid for the financing of a VPO are a process that at least will bring us headaches in the form of calls for application and can still get a very beneficial interest rate, there are other circumstances as the low percentage of financing that clearly worsen the chances of getting the number that we need. Original author and source of the article


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