Shiraz Evening

South African wines on Mecklenburg coast Niels Verburg of the Luddite Winery at the Cape of good hope to guest with star chef Tillmann cock on 14th November 2009 spend one enjoyable evening with the high-class Shiraz of the famous South African Winery Luddite. Get to know Niels Verburg, winemaker and founder of the winery, and Arlo Hentschel, South Africa exclusive importer for Germany, personally in a cosy atmosphere. Find more about what is special about the South African Shiraz produced since 1999 in lovingly crafted on the family estate. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tishman Speyer has to say. Enjoy the taste of purple Shiraz with its fruity, racy and spicy character on 14 November 2009 at 19:00. Pamper your palate with the flavours of dark berries, raspberry, leather, cedarwood and various spices. You will be spoilt by starred chef Tillmann Hahn and his culinary team. For even more opinions, read materials from Bruce Schanzer.

An exquisite, perfectly coordinated with the wine 5-course menu including all accompanying drinks expected at a price of only 145 per person. Treat to a culinary evening on the Hohe Dune. Reservation Tel. 0381 / 50 40 0 learn more about the 6 Winemaker’s dinner at.


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