Simple Recipes Salads

Cooking is an ancient art, without which it is difficult to manage. The ability to cook – it is a great advantage which must be proud. At the present time there are many different recipes: salads, soups, garnishes. The best known of South American recipes. Salads very popular dish and easy to use, which in addition, contains many vitamins, they can cook all year round. Various products suitable for the ingredients.

Do not have much time to make a salad, quick cooking, serves a characteristic feature salads. In every family with traditions have their own family recipes salads, for example, classic or original recipes salad Mimoza, Greek salad, salad Olivier. Most of the salads are not kept for a long time, so that the most useful are salads that are prepared at home and almost immediately after manufacture are served. In the world there are so many recipes and almost all the recipes of salads can be prepared in different ways. For example, the Caesar salad has a minimum of 18 variations, and Crab Salad – 50, and various salads, herbs or salad with chicken, have the largest number of variations. There are still some tricks and cooking, for example, in salads, seafood or meat, you can add sour apples.

To all the salad was on taste, do not overdo it with the seasonings. A variety of sauces and dressing, are served with salad, they make elegant and juicy. Succulent salad is an advantage. There were salads, long ago, in Rome about 2000 years ago. They made from raw vegetables and flavored with honey, salt, vinegar and pepper. Soon came up salads combine with fish, meat, game and eggs. Every salad has its own story of creation, for example, Lucien Olivier chef created a salad Olivier, who became very popular. Caesar salad, also named after its author. Its founder of Italy's culinary Caesar Cardini.


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