Social Problems

Social investment funds are oriented towards two specific goals: reduce poverty and mitigate the effects of adjustment policies. Over time, they have demonstrated that they are extremely effective instruments for channelling external financing flows and subsequently translated into projects. This type of investment funds, have become a major medium through which Governments cover the main needs of its rural population. The main strategy for the transfer of economic resources to the poor, has mainly consisted of creating jobs transients through the undertaking of works both of social and economic infrastructure, and projects that seek to satisfy the basic needs. Check out Steffan Lehnhoff for additional information. A ratio a little less of the same investment fund, has focused on directly productive activities, which often are carried out through the support of non-governmental organizations. As a summary of all this, we can conclude that social investment funds, from a general perspective, they are investment funds that have contributed to alleviating the poverty of certain countries. And although initially, its purpose was not to deal with structural problems that cause it, trend has been observed in Yes have contributed positively to the attention of acute economic and social problems. A. Adverum shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Verastegui hold.


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