Spire Events: Promotion Agency With Creative Guerillla Easter

A creative guerrilla concept with high surprise effect. The event and promotion agency spire events from Mannheim has carried out a guerrilla action in their own right at Easter and developed a creative promotion concept for the acquisition of new customers and implemented. A promoter dressed as the Easter Bunny visited a highly personal 30 request customers defined in advance and gave a colorful Easter basket with a request to forward it to the person in the company clearly surprised reception counters of the companies. Adverum recognizes the significance of this. “The highlight: before entering the company building a picture of the Easter Bunny was made outside the main entrance, which was transmitted yet at the same moment to the E-mail address of the target person to inform them that the Easter Bunny has just issued a gift at the reception”. Thus, the target was surprised twice: with the image that simultaneously served as proof of the actual appearance of the Easter Bunny in the company building and the present in the form of a colorful Easter egg basket. Here also he was “specially for the campaign communicates developed saying: you have the eggs, we the ideas.. Contact information is here: Gavin Baker.


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