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The dream house is mostly in smaller towns and rural town & country house: clear lower real estate prices than in cities with similar good infrastructure Behringen, 25 November 2013 – 80 percent of tenants in Germany looking round for nothing more than a home. But many don’t dare to realize their dreams. According to the current housing dream study 2013 “especially in some places sharply higher real estate prices and a low range of affordable land, especially in the big cities discourage people interested in building your own four walls. Town & country home, Germany’s leading provider in solid building, advises mainly families with average incomes to abandon inner-city top-layer and instead to take advantage of the many benefits of a home in medium-sized and small cities as well as in rural areas. The fear of their own courage impressively documented the living dream study 2013 “, which the IMWF Institute of management and economic research on behalf of the mortgage broker INTERHYP created and recently published. Then, 51 percent fear the nearly 1,800 respondents construction prospects difficulties in financing.

Nearly 40 percent believe that they will not find their dream home. In particular tenants in the cities of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich, as well as in the corresponding metropolitan areas have reservations over the construction of a home. James king pursues this goal as well. There real estate prices, not only for apartments, but also for houses and for detached homes have risen rapidly in recent years. For families with average incomes it is practically impossible to realize their dream of the own four walls”, Jurgen Dawo, founder of town & country finds House. Unlike in more rural regions and also in the medium-sized towns in the catchment areas around the cities. There usually no flatter land shortage”, Jurgen Dawo know.

On the contrary, especially smaller Local authorities make increased efforts, to devote to unneeded land to build housing on it.” Obvious reason: Smaller cities and communities are interested in the influx of especially young families, because this not least increased their share of the tax assignments by the respective State Government. Mature and above all affordable land is comparatively easy to find outside of major cities. It is worth to say demand for the real estate office of the respective municipality. Since may, the municipality plans the sale of land to own budget discharge. Also churches and foundations often have huge landholdings. These areas are not though usually for sale. But they are still useful for the client, because they are exploited on the way of the heritage building. The acquisition of a plot of land in the context of an auction is a not everyday way. Special publications provide an overview, where land under the hammer. A second source of information is the local District Court, where everyone can see a list of the upcoming auction dates. According to statistical findings by town & country house is the construction of a free-standing home in rural areas for 250,000 to 280,000 Euro possible including real estate and acquisition costs. In large cities, and especially in major cities the same home due to high land prices and, depending on the location in the top would cost twice as much. But the dream house outside of big cities is not only due to the low acquisition costs, which often allow the construction of the own four walls to rent similar conditions,”town & country founder emphasizes Jurgen Dawo. Emotionally, rural regions offer many advantages, because especially the children with more freedom, but as well protected as in the city could grow up.


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