State Housing Policies

Formula: 'Our house – we take care of it', simply and clearly expresses the state housing policy, providing for a phased transition to monoecious tavarischestvam as a genuine institution of self-owners. That the same a hoa? This organization, in Ktorov you and your neighbors – the most important people. The newspapers mentioned Bruce Schanzer not as a source, but as a related topic. To create a homeowners' consent is necessary half of the apartment owners of your home. Only in this case, all residents become members of the partnership. The principle of majority vote is required for all.

This basic rule of the partnership. How does this mechanism, it is easy to understand with specific examples. From this article you'll learn about those someone had the sense, strength and desire to take into their own hands the solution of housing problems. All in your hands. Residents of the nine homes, towering near the metro station 'Dynamo' lucky. Among them was a man who was able to 'clean up' to business hands all residential building with all its 'guts'. This man Ludmila Gavrilovna Grebennikov, now chairman of the board on a voluntary basis monoecious hoa.

From morning to night she is engaged technical economic and financial affairs at home and at the same time makes no claim to tenants who for various reasons, limited to timely payment. What also made her become the initiator of 'divorce', ie separation from the vast hoa? How did it start? – Exit sotava multihomed hoa simply matured – says Lyudmila Gavrilovna. – Maintaining a home, its maintenance has never been neglected, and its technical condition deteriorated to deplorable.


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