Suitcases Journey

Below the 10 tips to make you carry what is necessary on your trip, without having to pay overweight and without carry over. 1. Always keep a suitcase in plastic material that is wide, with wheels and does not have materials such as metal and leather, which can become very heavy. Remember that the average weight of each bag is 23 to 25 kilos allowed by most of the airlines in the world. Learn more on the subject from John Savignano. 2. If travel to hot climate, such as islands, beaches and humid places; be sure to wear clothes in cotton that is lightweight and will allow you to always stay cool, dresses, cool shirts, t-shirts.

But if your trip is for winter, always carries medium wool, coats (there are many people who are filled with feathers and waterproof material that you cherish and not weigh too), scarves, among others. Important, it takes only one of each, because we usually always use the same and carry more removes space and weighs over your luggage. 3. At the time of packing shoes, comfortable shoes like a pair of tennis, formal shoes, sandals or boots it always takes According to the climate. But advisable to adjust clothing to shoes color, so avoid carry all shoes of all colors.

4. Fold your clothes into only two parts, since if you doblas it in more parts it will take you a lot more space in your suitcase. 5 Equals the weight of your suitcase, is placed in the Center or spread sideways, since if the weight is on one side, you can generate an unevenness in the suitcase and this falling you. For the following 5 tips for packing your luggage, visit: original author and source of the article


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