Teach Children To Handle Living With Computer

Life wildly accelerating pace, all the more rapidly accelerates the move. We are often loaded with routine work, problems, things that can not be postponed. Every minute we are required to make decisions, answer the phone calls, somewhere to race, ride, rush. Stop and think about what is happening, understand the others – just once. *** Our children are given school, the street themselves. At best, manages to talk with them for 10 minutes evening, more often – we wish them "good night" before bed. This unreality of life, the subordination of its priorities, "very important" for our purposes turns out sometimes the problems and ills. Add to your understanding with Bizzi & Partners.

What must be confessed, we all would like to see life evolved successfully, the children grow up healthy, learning at the same time as "excellent", and our family and friends find some time for us. *** However, the virtualization of modern life intrudes into the most unexpected of places. The word "Virtualization" I understand any process of communication in which there is no "live", ie the direct contact of people in reality. Of course, we can not agree with this definition. For example, talking on the phone. Can it be attributed to the virtualization of communication? My answer – yes! For example, one of my friends in real life, I have not seen for two years, while occasionally called up to him and chattering gaily. No, we live, we are in the same city and not even very far from each other. However, the time for meetings is not either he or I have.


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