Terrestrial Ways

20. Without damage of the made use one in special law, the insurances are obligator of: ) the bodily injuries the passengers of commercial aircraft; b) responsibility civilian of the proprietors of automachine vehicles of ways terrestrial, fluvial, lacustrine and maritime, of aircraft and the transporters in general; c) civil liability of the constructor of property in urban zones for damages the people or things; d) goods given in guarantee of loans of public financial institutions; e) guarantee of the fulfilment of the obligations of the incorporator and constructor of property; f) guarantee of the payment in charge of borrower of the civil construction, also real estate obligation; g) buildings divided in independent units; h) fire and transport of pertaining the legal people, situated goods in the country or it carried. 3 the obligator insurances had been created with purpose to guarantee the victim repairing of the actual damage for the insured, as in the contract cases of civil liability of automachine vehicles and the transporters in general; civil liability of the constructor of property in urban zones for damages the people or the things, etc. In 07 of December of 1967, through the decree law n 61,867, established the obligator insurance for automachine vehicles, that the time the name received from RECOVAT Civil liability of the Proprietors of Automachine Vehicles of Terrestrial Ways, this foresaw in its article 5 that the physical and legal people, of public law or private, proprietor of any vehicles related in arts. 52 and 63 of the Law n 5,108, of 21/09/1966, referring to the National Code of Transit, are obliged to hold them, how much to the decurrent civil liability of its existence or use. 4 Later, had the revocation of the law of the Recovat, and with this, law 6,194 of 19 of December of 1974 was edited creating Safe from Bodily injuries caused by automachine vehicles of Terrestrial Ways, which received the name from DPVAT, this insurance has for objective the covering of death, permanent invalidity and expenditures of medical assistance of decurrent damages of automotivos accidents, and not properly a safe from civil liability.


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