The House

There I slept and only woke up to catch drunk more and to go in the bathroom, did not eat nothing. The young woman who worked in the house is that she made everything and my aunt who when passing one week came to live with us. I entered in deep depression, I tried suicide. They had been ninety days of terror. I did not die because the angel of the guard who was my aunt did not leave.

I bought poison for rat, it saw and watching it was me without I to know it caught and me in the hour that went to drink the poison. Almost mount of a scare. It wanted to die exactly. The only good thing that it was in me of those ninety days was to the souvenir of the mother of it. It took care of of me as who takes care of of a son, even better, I not age nothing of it. It was human being, generous, solidary My only brother visited always me. It never said nothing. But jeitinho of it arrived there with that one (it is only silenced, is hearing and a time for another one laughs.

Rare it speaks and when it says some thing is with wisdom), only with the eyes it said: ' ' return, we are with homesicknesses of you, independent of what you fizestes' '. It passed its thought with as much affection. I by everything. I always understood better the people for the look of what for the words. will be blind? I understand for the floor, for the skill to gesture the arms Below of God and in gratefulness to that the mother of it always made and he said: – he comes back toward its parents, my son does not have future. Another one lady who praid in me it more than passed thirty days with a group of conjuncts making for me.


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