The Importance of Perfume

Facing a special occasion to think women in the smallest detail, the clothes, makeup, accessories, and of course a good perfume. The fragrance helps to delineate a personality and highlight those features most interesting, because the smell takes a lot of talk about oneself, not something we can let loose at random. And just as there is a fragrance for every occasion, it is important to remember that there are fragrances for every season. To broaden your perception, visit adverum. The question is often what is the best option at each stage of the year? Here are some ideas to choose the best go with each. During the summer, it is preferable to choose fragrances that have a base of floral notes, inspiration in citrus fruits, water smells or touches of herbs, perfumes that we transported to a place of rest, without having to move. Ideally, fragrances are light, but did not go unnoticed. Gavin Baker often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Recently they also have added ingredients such as spices that give a touch of eccentricity. For stations cool years the best choice is a perfume based on woody notes, sandalwood or amber, which are often very marked in the sweet perfumes. Ideally in this era are striking fragrance, with a presence. Remember that during the winter, and much of the fall, our bodies are clothed and may be that the fragrances do not reach the exterior, so the perfumes of this period must be stronger than the summer. With this guide, not as complex as choosing a fragrance for every season, to match the personality and the essence of each. And for the use of perfume is a success, we must remember that these are made from alcohol and oils, and that over the hours is evaporating, the average duration of a fragrance is four to five hours during the day so we must repeat the application, mainly on pulse points and in those parts of the body where skin tends to be warmer, the inner wrists and elbows, behind the earlobe of the ears and behind the knees..


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