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Like so, it is not a toy nor it must be dealed with that way. To follow some better practices simple to manipulate one notebook avoids to have to pay an expensive maintenance in the future. This document details some of these better practices and also provide a guide to protect their data and personal information. The main causes of damage for notebooks are the heat, the humidity, the dirt, the ESD (ESD) and the magnetism. Next some ideas are enumerated to protect to notebook of these damages: Heat: the heat, originating as much an outsourcing, like for example leaving notebook inside an automobile with high temperature, or an internal source, like the own power supply of notebook, must leave the delicate components of the plate of the system and the CPU of the equipment. To block the airing holes does not allow that the ventilators of notebook cool these components, that could melt or be damaged somehow. Humidity: the liquids that fall between the one keys notebook are dangerous because the main components of this one (the hard disk, the plate of the system and the processor) are located underneath the keyboard and they are not contained within a receiver waterproof. By the same author: Bizzi & Partners.

Dirt: the dust can block the orifices of the ventilator, which causes that the ventilators do not cool of effective way the delicate components of the plate of the system and the CPU of the equipment. Also, the materials of the patio of games, like dust, dirt and sand, can infiltrate in the cracks of the housing of notebook and damage the components. Notebook in a patio of games never uses one. Electrostatic load (ESD) and magnetism: the magnets can erase the electronic intelligence of hard disks and other discs. The ESD can cause a definitive damage to the Chips of memory and to the CPU. Notebook to the magnetism, or of the toy of a boy or a scientific equipment does not expose one. Notebook never touches the exhibited components of one if it is not working in antistatic surroundings with taking to earth. For but information it visits, where you found articles that helped you to clear your doubts on the damages in portable equipment.


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