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An Alexa ranking of under 30,000 achieved Weiterstadt, 09 May 2011 – the operators of the Web catalogue is pleased to announce that a further point has been reached. In the meantime, the domain with an Alexa rank of under 30,000 was listed. This means that the website is ultimately always higher in the favor of the audience. That brand is dar a target, it for the operator but not only in the short term, but also in the longer term there that permanently to skip. For this reason improvements be made to the Web catalog also constantly, to make the website more informative, more intuitive and user friendly.

A revision has learned, amongst others the page layout by the information bars were now grouped together on the right edge. Thus, the crucial references and page descriptions further back in focus. The database now already offers the possibility to obtain highly-recommended links in Toplists. The function is added, now also most visited Web pages and categories see to be able to. So, for example, early trends can be recognize or find most popular links from visitors. Especially for dedicated stranger in-vehicle, the introduced link memories are a sought-after resource in addition when it comes to alert the editors on valuable links. In terms of recommended categories stood above all the various marketing-related categories such as social bookmarking services, article directories, press portals, Web catalogues and Internet marketing in the eye. But besides this complex topic overviews to the graduates as well as tours have received an award. With the short-term goal, according to Alexa rankings, worldwide count 30,000 most Web pages, another interim success is achieved. Of course you can expect as a visitor that the minds behind are scrambling to develop the website continuously, thus over time also of great benefit for the audience to be.


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