Torpedo Gratis

As well as in the site of the operator, the Oi Torpedo is available in other sites that still more possess advantages for its users. For even more details, read what Richard LeFrak says on the issue. Who has the habit to use the Oi tool torpedo to send messages of text for the site of the operator has other options to communicate with the friends and relatives for the cellular one. Sites exist that disponibilizam to its users the sending of SMS for any another number, also, for the Oi torpedo gratis, using the same platform. They also allow that an only message is ordered for some addressees, at the same time, independent of the telephony companies the one who belong the numbers. This sites are alternative to use of sites officiate of companies of telephony that nor always is as Oi Torpedo, that exactly offers a service that can also be used by any person, that is not customer of the operator. Beyond allowing that internautas orders Oi gratis Torpedo for its friends, the site of this company of telephony does not demand that its users make bureaucratic cadastros before using to advantage the tool. However, the users of other marks that operate in the Brazilian territory, as the Living creature, TIM, Clearly, among others, do not allow that people whom they are not its customers gratis use the service of sending of SMS for its site.

The ones that until disponibilizam this tool, however, limit its use sufficiently, being possible to send per day a small number of messages. In other cases, exactly the customers of the telephony company count on limitations to order a small number of gratuitous messages of text and on-line. Therefore, these alternative sites that disponibilizam and center diverse possibilities are used, each time more, for internautas. Beyond these advantages, the sites of sending of torpedoes gratis also present other functions, as agenda of contacts, so that there the information of the addressees are salutes, without it has the necessity to type all its data whenever the user is to send a SMS. .


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