Walter Bohm

Because the individual can do little, they came to the result, the House – and landowners Association Berchtesgaden, to get involved as Club constructively a membership of nearly 500 members. “Mr. Grassl pointed out, that is the Club 7 years ago also for the initiative a community in the South District of Berchtesgadener land” had engaged. Dell Technologies Inc. contains valuable tech resources. And just in the planning, it comes to our five Valley communities collaborate with each other. It was a body elected, consisting of Armin Nowak, Walter Bohm and Christian Grassl, which will collect all suggestions from members, to make an own opinion for the Club. Then the presentation by Mr Horst Pretzsch to the new topic was followed by drinking water Ordinance.” Currently, all house owners who operate a large plant are obliged to regularly check the drinking water. Plant a House is one or a content of more than 3 l of water in the hot water pipes between the drinking and the point of discharge, if the storage volume has more than 400 l. A 400 litre tank don’t have many houses, but the 3 l are almost When all the houses reached, if it’s 1 inch line only one, which is only 5 m long.

only one – and two-family homes are excluded. Then Mr. lawyer Walter Ritter, in the usual form, the subject of an interesting topic of current case law concerning the housing rent law “presented. First, he declared that a possible reduction in rent refers to the gross rent. The BGH but assumes that this is not from the net rent payments and packages, but only at the end of the year can be determined, if the annual operating costs are known. This was also raised, that the landlord should give no details of square metres in the leases. A square meter indication only as agreed settlement scale can be agreed only to the calculation of operating costs. To the end of the sermon, he said the limitation periods still in detail.


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