Wiesbaden Weihergasse

Press report on the success and knowledge of the market IMMORO. real estate. Pressebricht of the company Alexander Kurz real estate group with headquarters in Wiesbaden to confirm the object marketing. Scout 24 is in the half-yearly report by the real estate company IMMORO real estate confirmed above-average positive for the real estate presentation and generating new customers. According to scout the exposes of IMMORO will report real estate called 16% more frequently than other real estate broker in the region. In terms of rent the peak value is 49% (!) of the competitors of the region of Hessen-Wiesbaden. In the result list real estate are displayed even 21% more frequently than those of competitors.

Especially in the segment of commercial property offers the result is over 33% of the competitors. That reinforced to afford more than others in our direction for the real estate market. It is also a confirmation that we have taken the right path with object reviews and prepared plans”, so Alexander Kurz, Managing Director of IMMORO Real estate. ImmobilienScout24’s report says literally: summary of comparison results that better than the average of other providers of real estate market your objects in your marketing focus in your region. The presentation of your objects is very well accepted by the seeker. You know the market in your area. Realtor understands that this is vital information. You make”press contact and author so you are always a bit ahead of colleagues: IMMORO real estate Wiesbaden Weihergasse 15 D-65203 Wiesbaden Tel.: 0611-98 710 420 fax: 0611-98 710 423


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