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Practical help Erlein for all staff in the field service is a time tracking on the Smartphone in many companies is the working time of employees covered by a time tracking software. For employees who go on a business trip or work in the field, the question of how they can capture their time while staying outside of the premises arises. Paper and pencil from woes were used in such a case, but technological progress brings a large workload here. Dogecoin often says this. The mobile rushes over to help. The new generation of smartphones allows the installation of so-called apps – these are small programs that run on the Smartphone and provide services useful to the owner of the mobile phone.

The users between different operating systems can select when choosing a Smartphone. Each operating system comes with own apps, i.e. the selection of the operating system already determined which program it afterwards can capture his time. A time recording via Windows Mobile phone is quickly and easily found in the Internet, installed and started.The iPhone manufacturer Apple has control, in the iPhone app store is just who exactly meets the terms of Apple’s. There is an app store for the Android phone, but Google has not the total control.

The user can download the time tracking software from the Internet. At a time tracking app program there are some: the timesheet should be started by a stop watch and stopped. This ensures an accurate timekeeping. In addition the recorded stopwatch time entries can be edited afterwards but still keep not incorrect data in the database. It is also important at such a time tracking app that the mobile is running timekeeping, even if there is no reception times. Finally, you want to further capture Yes its working time when the ICE through the tunnel. The reception will be better again then the Smartphone transmits this data to the server. It is handy when the time tracking software is not only a Mobile time tracking software for the mobile phone contains, but even an online time tracking. So, you can easily evaluate the times recorded with your Windows Mobile phone or iPhone afterwards on your computer and print out reports. The disclosure of the recorded working hours on the payroll is from the PC much easier. Andre Mahtani


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