With Full Belly, Our Children Learn Better

‘No child without a meal’ – a success story with continuation of the CDU-led State Government in North Rhine-Westphalia extended the program no child without a meal until July 31, 2011. Continue a daily hot lunch will be allows annually more than 70,000 students from needy families. Well saturated, children learn better. Hungry children are irritated, tired faster or tangle in quarrels. Can not follow easily the lessons.

The CDU faction in Wuppertal, Germany considers a great success the country funds. Just as children can be integrated better from lower-income families in our school”, the activities spokesman says the CDU group, Karl Kuhme. “Alongside the Wuppertal Foundation school lunch” under the successful and dedicated leadership of Ursula Lietz is so sure, that for children whose parents can’t afford the deductible, lunch dinner is ready. The collaboration of private Initiative and public engagement is currently a real and good way. We however advocating the expansion of full-day care for our pupils and students and parents the Wuppertaler will thus reflect. However, this does not work without a hot meal. The CDU faction in Wuppertal therefore calls that the school lunch as a compulsory task from land funds will be paid. Such an arrangement would help in particular communities such as Wuppertal, located structural change,”, as Kaka.


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