Wooden House

Only about a hundred years ago, very common material for building houses were wood. Home from a bar decorated with carved patterns. In these houses people inhabited the huge families, from early childhood accustomed truly appreciate the native walls ancestral home But, ancestral traditions forgotten, built of wood in vain called impractical and is replaced by a smart towers came brick apartment buildings. Article aims to refute become the famous view of the many flaws of log houses and houses of timber. Here are the most well-known misconceptions about wooden houses: 1. Follow others, such as John Savignan, and add to your knowledge base. Fragility of the building.

Probably, once the building of stone could be trusted. But thickness of walls of brick houses today is not the same, opposite the same, the wooden houses so far not affected by moisture, humidity and insects, as they are processed by special antiseptic substances. Given the simple rules for care, primordial form of construction can be saved as a promise to manufacturers, a couple of hundred years! 2. Another myth about the wooden houses – it is their vulnerability to fire. Perhaps, in the 17-19 centuries, this it was so – the whole town could burn because of fire, but today the problem is solved: flame retardants used to impregnate wood, eliminate any possibility of ignition. Need I remind that how often fires in buildings made of stone! Therefore, the houses made of logs did not yield to the brick buildings on the durability, and besides, they have a number of its advantages. For example, placing a log home much more quickly warmed by the stove or the sun. In addition, the tree – the most environmentally friendly of all materials. Write in a wooden house atmosphere of domestic comfort is much easier than in apartments. We can conclude that section rustic Built of stone in many ways better, and at the same time able to please the highest demands of design, in addition, your own wooden house – an unusual and not very expensive.


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