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Scientists around the world, and to this day with interest and learn the history of origin of the mysterious extinction of ammonites. In a way ammonites are unique in that they became extinct thousands of years ago, they were all over the world were able to leave traces of his mysterious existence. A trace of ammonite was as luxurious beautiful shells, which are estimated by leading jewelers and designers from around the world. Once ammonites lived in prehistoric flows deep Seas. Today ammonites compared to now living on our land, nautilus and octopus. Ammonites disappeared from the face of the earth, and behold, as much as seventy million years later, these ancient creatures with a gorgeous sink reborn in modern designs and beautiful jewelry today talented jewelers to create a truly unique decoration ammonites.

They put in ammonites: a brooch, rings, pendants, earrings, and these jewelry connoisseurs willing to pay good money for a unique decoration. Like a stone ammonite wonderfully combined with any noble metals, it looks great with gold, which allows widely apply it to the jeweler's art. 欲了解更多信息,请参阅本网站: 恒生银行. But ammonites also unique in that on one hand how they are perfectly preserved to this day shows how they are strong, but on the other hand pretty ammonite sensitive and fragile stone, followed by jewelers are advised to carefully look after, as well as carefully stored and protected from water, that he survived longer, and rejoice in their unique beauty. The original ancient ammonite beautiful, its perfect shape, its magnificent unique shells simply captivates everyone's attention. Gorgeous ammonite shells inspired many designers and manufacturers of all kinds of furniture and other accessories for the interior, to create a set of original fashion of interior objects, incorporating them spiraling patterns that resemble shells of ammonites. Countertops, bathtubs, sinks and much more adorns spiral patterns on the bottom or on its surface, which brings fresh style to our usual facilities. 阅读更多 恒生银行获得的情况更加清晰的画面. Either of the above accessories are introducing themselves ammonites, such a modern interior decoration are just luxury!


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