Therefore authority and power are essential elements of all society; without them the social order would not last, of the opposite sociedadese would destroy in anarchy of the disobedience. The man was born to live in society, therefore, not being able to live in the isolation nor if to provide what he is necessary and useful to the life, nor to acquire the perfection of the spirit and the heart. He made it to the Step to join itself to its fellow creatures, in a civil, only society domestic how much in such a way capable to supply what she is necessary to the perfection of the existence. The social order, then, helps the man to be more man. It places it in contact with the others reflecting its reality human being: to be social. In this lesson it had the presentation of Bruno Laselva in which &#039 approached the subject; ' The paper of the Estado' ' had as heading: ' ' THE FUNCTIONS OF THE STATE IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE SOCIAL DOCTRINE OF THE IGREJA' ' – (09/11/2009) the notion of ' ' Estado' ' she is old and it precedes to Christian thought. The concept of State is not a valid general concept for all the times, but it is a historical concept, concrete, that appears when the idea and the practical one of the sovereignty are born, what it only occurred in century XVII: the official date where the world occidental person if presents organized in States is of 1648, year where the peace of Westflia was signed. The expositor said that two questions if reveal: the problem of the originary formation of the States (of human groupings not yet integrated in any State); the problem of the derived formation (the formation of new States from other preexisting ones). This everything was despertando conscience for search of unit (between States), that after all it would be materialize in the treat ones to peace of Westflia, that had had the character of documentation of the existence of a new type of State, with the basic characteristic of territorial unit endowed with a sovereign power: it was already the Modern State.


The initial intention age to exempt Albertina of those terrible moments, therefore immediately had bought a cheese bread to saciar the hunger of it. It intended to give a temporary shelter for until she found somebody made use to adopt it definitively. More the days had been if passing and that feeling of mercy it was if transformed for passion and of passion it transformed if into love. Soon in the first days, to only think that some of the candidates could lead Albertina she stops far from it, it until cried. There the namorada one of the protector of Albertina entered in scene that also was gotten passionate for it and now was the two to cry to only think about the hour of the possible one> separation. It does not need to say more nothing and Albertina finished definitively adopted for the couple of boyfriends and today harvest of coconuts of all the stewardships that who only loves dismissal to the loved person. Reason is not known the affectionate name of Albertina and Nina and Does not clink, as correct it would be, but in certain case of love things are one how much in such a way inexplicable. thus Nina or Albertina, as they want, if became a perpetual love and became if sister of creation of the Lana. This is one history cachorrinha that it left the gutter for the rank of one of the two princesses of a couple that adores dogs.

Electrical Consumption

These are several of the advice who you can use to save until in a 20% in the consumption of his home. The electricity is one of the most important factors in our daily life, with which we could not live at the present time. For that reason its consumption with moderation is important as much in the ecological scope as in the economic saving. This economic saving taking still more force at the moments of world-wide crisis in which we were. For that reason it is important to take care of details that can make us save until a 20% in our invoice of light.

For it first that there is to know clearly it is the objective that is persecuted. In this case it is the saving of electrical energy. This objective begins since we acquired an electric appliance. It is important to compare what is the electric home appliance that can more interest to us having in account the consumption that it generates. This consumption appears in the manual of the own apparatus, that usually comes measured in Watts or kilowatts, so that whichever major is this greater amount will be the consumption. Another aspect to have in whatever is the operation that has the oldest apparatuses. These lose efficiency and therefore they consume more along than they are used.

It is for that reason that is important to have a control exceeds they and to know if to some consumption as much electricity that is not profitable its use. One of the apparatuses that can produce majors losses is the refrigerator or freezer. It is important to make sure his good operation. It is recommended that a minimum space of 15 cm with respect to the back wall is left. Also he is basic to make sure that well the door closes to avoid that the cold escapes and to do so the refrigerator works of less intense way. On the other hand he is not advisable that is accumulated much ice in the walls of the freezer. You can defrost it every three months. Other apparatuses, as they can be televisions, equipment of music, videoconsolas, etc. continue consuming energy even though they go out. One is the Stand-by system, and it is possible to be appreciated when extinguishing these apparatuses it is a small own red light or green of each equipment. If this apparatus is not going to be used during a long time he is recommendable to unplug it of the electrical current. All these advice must complement themselves with the appropriate use of the illumination in our houses, since it is greater electrical consumption than he takes place in our homes. For that reason it is important to follow the following advice: 1. To take advantage of to the maximum and as far as possible the light the sun. 2. To extinguish the lights of the cockpits in which there is nobody. 3. To use lights of low consumption that can consume less up to 5 times than the common ones. Finally, it is important to also control the conditioned air equipment. These generate great consumptions of electricity. For that reason it is important to maintain them in good state, cleaning them, replacing the filters with regularity and using them only when it is necessary.