Leasing Properties

Extremadura are the ones who want to spend less money for leasing, and property seekers to cost between 300 and 400 euros per month. Raised to 800 euros to spend each month in the Basque Country, while the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Madrid and Navarre are the most numerous tenants who run a budget between 600 and 700 euros per month. Andalusian, Castilian-La Mancha, Galicia and Valencia move between 500 and 600 euros. Less search over 180,000 euros At the provincial level, the weight falls in homes with three bedrooms, that are demanded by 40 Spanish provinces over Ceuta. We are at a distinct disadvantage those of two rooms with 10 provinces concerned more Melilla. The data of surface features extreme preferences, as are 16 provinces who opt for 90 mo compared to 13 more Melilla betting by 60 mo.

In the middle are the homes of 70 MB, 13 regions claimed by Ceuta, and 80 m, of which eight provinces were in favor. The analysis by pisos.com also gives some clues to the maximum prices that are handled in the provinces, the margins being very scattered. In this sense, the range that attracts the most interest moves between 135,000 and 150,000 euros, values held in 12 provinces, but remains very close betting on 10 provinces property between 165.000 and 180.000 euros and another 8 plus Ceuta and Melilla looking for a house that costs between 105,000 and 120,000 euros. Barcelona and Gipuzkoa are raised higher prices, because they put their margin between 225,000 and 240,000 euros. Those who are not willing to spend more than 60,000 euros are Huesca, Palencia, Ourense and Cuenca. In search of cheap rent to rent floors 2 and 3 bedrooms are the most preferred by users of pisos.com, and that capture the attention of 47 provinces, 26 and 21 respectively. 60 m is enough to live rent in 14 Spanish provinces.

Households with 70 MB are scanned in eleven provinces, and 80 and 90 mo tie with ten each. The largest rental apartments are in demand in Lugo (100 m and 4 bedrooms) and Cuenca (110 m and 3 bedrooms), while in Malaga, Las Palmas and Zaragoza prevail tenants seeking housing 50 mo. In fact, in the first two stories stand out searches with a single room. As for the price, income most desirable is fixed between 400 and 500, followed by 21 provinces. They also have a lot of weight ranges from 500 to 600 euros and 300 to 400 euros, Once and ten provinces respectively. They are willing to pay up to 700 euros per month in Girona, Baleares, Madrid, Navarra and Valencia, while rising to 800 euros monthly budget with Guipuzcoa, Barcelona and Vizcaya.

App Development

The Ulm IT company PrimExpertise offers the self-employed and companies for the first time in Germany multilingual IT training for app development (iOS, Android, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10) the Ulm IT company PrimExpertise offers multilingual IT training both in German and in English and Spanish specially for app development (iOS, Android, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10), the self-employed and companies for the first time in Germany. In the IT industry, there is unity 2013 will be the year of the mobile Internet. Companies are therefore indirectly obliged to participate in this development with its own mobile products, to provide the desired mobile value added one today its customers and on the other to ensure future growth. Companies therefore app-specialists of development, need to develop their own mobile solutions; PrimExpertise helps companies, own IT staff expert in the app development of iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 for schools. Companies also benefit from the possibility of training their immigrant IT staff of PrimExpertise in English or Spanish. The PrimExpertise of IT training companies offer therefore two essential advantages: immigrant IT workers are working harder and they develop mobile solutions faster and more productive.

Companies can book PrimExpertise-premium training, a multilingual and long-standing IT trainer accent in English (General American English) or Spanish (Espanol latino) trains your IT specialists. The next multilingual IT courses by PrimExpertise: – App development for 6 iOS (iPhone and iPad ) – app programming 6 for iOS (iPhone and iPad ) are on the 25.2 held 28.2.2013 in Ulm. Early booking discount of 10%. Take advantage of the early bird discount and sign up at: index.php/app-programming-ios-iphone-ipad intensive german English for more information about the courses and To get reservation possibilities, please contact us at Tel.: + 49 (0) 731 49 21 70 49 email: press contact: PrimExpertise UG (haftunsbeschrankt) Attila Teglas, m.a. Elsa-Brandstrom-WEG 10 89075 Ulm

National Development Plan

Taiwan’s Council for economic planning and development (EDPS) Unveils national development plan 2014 Taiwan’s economic growth and per capita GDP will rise is expected this year to 3.2% and respectively US $21.520, with an unemployment rate to 4.1% and the increase in the consumer price index by 2%. “These forecasts were made with regard to conditions and developments at home and abroad,” said an official of the EDPS. “All relevant agencies need to implement efforts to appropriate measures and ensure that the objectives are achieved.” According to the plan, which late last year was suggested by the EDPS, the local economy will be revived and structural reforms implemented to promote peace in the Taiwan Strait, global reach, good governance, infrastructure, quality of education, social justice and sustainable development for Taiwan. As regards the global reach of Taiwan, will contribute the country to international humanitarian relief efforts and increase its visibility through the creation of cultural centers all over the world and the development of unique tourist attractions. An important part of this concept extends to trade relations. How, for example, the accelerated implementation of the free trade pilot zones as a way to draw additional investment by foreign companies and overseas Taiwanese operating in the country. Equally important are efforts to fight corruption on the part of the Government, as well as the respect of human rights and legal protection. (ca).

Debt Interest

Many times a person can have different debts with a financial institution, such as shares of mortgage, car loans, free investment, home, the receipts from credit card, a credit for vacation, so each turn generate more payment obligations by a single person with the same banking organization, which no doubt generate a lot of debts in terms of interest have different lending facilities and must find ways that serve to reduce the added cost to generate interest, to save a little more money and invest not in the interest payments on various product but one that is of lesser value. An excellent option to avoid extra costs generated by the willingness of many loan services, is the reunification of debts, where you can merge all the debts that have in one, which facilitate the cancellation of all such claims in a easy and comfortable, and thus over time may be eliminated all debts without major problems. No doubt the realization of reunification of debts is a great way to leave the troubles of too much debt, so the best thing is to know the conditions attached to the reunification of debts so you can take advantage of this financial figure. The reunification of debts is to direct all debts into one, with that first presents a reduction in the amount to be given in each period of partial cancellation of the various debts, which meant a greater willingness of capital and avoid being always limited for other consumption. For attaining this, what is done with the reunification of debts, is to bring together all the loans and pigs that had a particular period in a single debt and it extends a little longer, which is achieved by reducing the quota monthly for the summation of all previous debts, that is if before between all debts were to be paid 1,000 euros each period, with the reunification of debts that amount newspaper can be reduced to approximately 600 euros, which undoubtedly will give greater scope to take advantage of the money on other things. At the same time reducing the cancellation fee, also reduced the interest, through access to a lower interest rate, this with the idea that the increase of time of debt cancellation will not greatly increase the payment of interests that run over time. To access this type of financial figure must meet some essential requirements, such as homeownership, which act as the guarantee for the reunification of debts, this will be a change in many different credit debts for one loan mortgage; addition of homeownership, this must have a specific value in that place to cover credit and the mortgage finally have some time to implement, as an example you can request that the mortgage is 3 years.