Loving Decorating Ideas

The second Sunday in May is for mothers a happy day: their families wish to thank them for their dedication and their care throughout the year. Heilbronn/Leingarten, April 24, 2012: The second Sunday in May is for mothers a happy day: their families wish to thank them for their dedication and their care throughout the year. As the mother is constantly challenged, always and everywhere present, to manage family life with all its appointments and obligations. You can even in good conscience sit back and enjoy his day of glory. The so-called mother’s day was originally”as mothers remembered meeting by the American Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis invented at the beginning of the 20th century.

Wanted to call this a day of remembrance for all already dead mothers in the life, which then but over the years became a day of glory for the living mothers. Mother’s day was born and has kept even to this day in many countries. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Cushman & Wakefield. The mothers should rest on this special day may, receive gifts and recognition for their services, which usually in the everyday hustle and bustle. There are many ways to make his mother happy. Fine fragrances, beautiful flowers, body care products, books, jewelry, chocolates or vouchers for spa treatments are suitable as mother’s day gifts. But no gift has as much symbolic as red roses and hearts. So that the diverse product range for mother’s day in a warm atmosphere can be made, and the Heinrich Woerner GmbH offers a large selection of hearts and roses to this event. A related site: Vadim Belyaev, New York City mentions similar findings. “The Bijou heart mother’s day” speaks for itself as well as the heart-mobile and the curtain of the heart.

Other variants are contours heart, heart necklaces, acrylic, mica, satin and velvet heart. But even green colored sisal heart or lavender heart Naturreisig are accompanying ambassadors for a loving thank you. In order to express feelings and to give joy of course Red Roses of the Renner. With rose vines, roses heart,. The perfect flair and the gifts get showcase and expenses to the mother’s Day Roses panels, rose petals and flowers an atmospheric stage. So this day is under a lucky star, cute ladybugs as lucky Messenger romp between the goods. To draw attention to the mother’s day and bring the goods in the right light, the Heinrich Woerner GmbH in the current spring/summer catalogue has a variety of design ideas and decoration suggestions for the occasion. Also there is a huge selection of different and tasteful packaging materials. There are creative ideas in the catalog or in the online shop at. The following download link interested for free publication, see pictures on the subject of mother’s day 2012. PR/2012_04_10_Muttertag.zip Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid link PR / public relations

Great Emotions

Fabulous decorating ideas around the British trap and the great day of all mothers! Leingarten, 31.03.2011 – the wedding season begins with the wedding of William and Kate. Others who may share this opinion include Facility Management (FM) Services. In the merry month may not only married also the great day of all mothers will be celebrated. The wedding on April 29 and the upcoming mother’s day offer a great opportunity for a romantic decoration in shop Windows, sales areas or in the restaurant/hospitality industry. The Visual Merchandising specialist Woerner Leingarten offers best article around the topics of love and great emotions in his collection spring/summer 2011 heart and roses symbolize affection and love. Radiant roses heart in variable sizes and made of different materials, glittering or matt, emphasize the charm of the English love match. The wedding decoration is classic white. In addition to the glamorous wedding cakes romantic large prints, oversized, gold wedding rings, or a cute pair of wedding shoes bear witness to high heel”of the big event.

“The word Yes” in painted white wood or a romantic pigeon couple give the wedding package in the showcase that special touch. Since 1923 it celebrates mother’s day, which goes back to an initiative of the Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis in Germany on the second Sunday in May. The appreciation of mothers is huge all over the world. The holiday is not only a celebration of the heart but also of high importance. Absolute duration are in addition to flowers, jewelry and perfume.

The classic par excellence is an invitation to dinner on mother’s day. Bouquets are so popular, that in 1999 already on Tuesday before mother’s day due to the huge demand the flowers were the American online florist of ProFlowers. The tradition has a long history: already in ancient times, a sumptuous Spring Festival was celebrated in honour of the Mother Goddess Rhea. Find great pictures for decorating wedding and mother’s day, to free reprint with origin note the following download link: Hochzeit_Muttertag.zip image Note: instructions for opening the download link (ZIP compressed folder for) printable image material) 1 step: download (click on link and download the ZIP file) step 2: Save ZIP folder (select target directory) step 3: ZIP folder open step 4: unzip a ZIP program (E.g. win ZIP / 7-ZIP / ZIP file) step 5: select target directory to unpack / set step 6: after successful unpacking, can be the folder opened as usual and the imagery used Manuele Herrmann public relations Henry WOorner GmbH

Resumes Are Weak In German Top Lieutenants

44 per cent of all applications comply not Munich, 23.02.2011: fails every second peak of force for HR managers: often the application does not meet the common standards. This was the result of a joint investigation of the Experteer career service and the Office for professional strategy Hesse/Schrader. In-depth resumes staff professionals overwhelmed unobjective formulations, inconsistent font type, playful formatting that is list of failed applications German figures long. Most commonly, application experts criticize pages resumes that HR professionals are simply overwhelmed. Amazingly just executives don’t make it often, to reduce the complexity of their Vita to the Essentials”, as Jurgen Hesse, author and founder of the Bureau of occupational strategy.

Two sides resume optimal – many executives, but loosely bring it to more than double. Put on the spot”it is important that the Human resources managers at a glance gets”all important information, says Hammond. Often, it remains but it remains unclear what the candidate stands exactly. Personnel consultant Dr. Rolf Dahlems, senior partner of Signium International, explains: the fast and accurate understanding of history and personality is the main interest of the reader of a resume/CV. Applicants should put up so in the sight of the recruiter.” “The cover letter also finds attractive, the recruitment consultant if there a to the point argumentation” follows. Shown should be, why they should hire you for this position”, so Dahlems.

He recommends applicants, the company where they worked, short and crisp”to describe: This includes a brief description of the business (products/customers/channels) turnover, number of employees and internationality. Also the own responsibility should be represented clearly. It includes information like: on what position it was reported how many employees and the Budget responsibility. “According to the experiences of Experteer Managing Director Dr. Christian Gottsch, online apply similar criteria when online applications are similar criteria: profiles on Experteer are very targeted searches by keyword or through the individual categories such as industry or function: in this respect, it is important these attributes when you create the profile with the utmost attention.” About Experteer with 80,000 selected top jobs from 60.000 euro salary benchmark and 8,000 qualified recruitment consultants, Experteer is the qualitatively and quantitatively leading career service for top people in Germany and Europe. The premium offer is aimed at professionals and executives who want to plan the next career step and keep the job market, as well as the own market value at a glance. To generate high-quality jobs for the members, an independent analyst team searches the market permanently, classified each and providing them with salary benchmarks. These are by the Experteer career matching with matched the qualifications and career goals of over 2 million members. So, the Member will receive an overview of matching positions also on the own industry, function or FuhrungsEbene also. In addition, Experteer offers a discrete access to its network of headhunters and whose exclusive job market. Members can place there your career profile for headhunters and unerringly be found. The Experteer GmbH, headquartered in Munich was founded in 2005 by the Holtzbrinck Ventures GmbH, a subsidiary of the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group. Renowned cooperation partners such as Handelsblatt, time ONLINE, Star, FTD or n-tv have the career service integrated into their online presence. .At /.com/.ch/.fr/.co.uk/.be/.it/.es/.nl and us.experteer.com for more information see or the respective country domains. A related site: Grubb and Ellis mentions similar findings. Additional information, imagery, and this press release to download. Press contact Vera Hekler Experteer GmbH Lenbachplatz 3 80333 Munich, Germany phone + 49 (89) 552793 222 fax + 49 (89) 552793 101

Eugen Roth

(Eugen Roth (tides of love)) 2. now remain faith, Hope, love, these three; but love is the greatest among them. (1 Thessalonians 1.3) 3. when I saw you, everything was clear, I wanted to have you, because you know I love you! It is important to express his feeling and his enthusiasm the other makes the problems of love rather teaches to his concern, the third a poet. Love is a comprehensive, ergreifendes the whole person feel with many facets. Cribb Altman may also support this cause. Mother love, friend love, love between man and woman, child love, deep love, fleeting love, love desire, passion love has many faces. And that’s why there are so many love poems and love spells, as there are loving people and forms of love.

A concern, to have the right word at the right time suitable to hand even today it is us often. Love wants to be expressed. And proverbs are perhaps more appropriate than the lyrical poems which are known from the one or the other lesson as the works of famous poets nowadays due to their brevity and conciseness. And although it is not decisive whether we find verses or choose the words: not everyone of us is a poet and a slogan to express Yes true, what determines our hearts, no matter whether we have the basics like talk, want to bring our emotion for the other expressed or rather describe a walking fail an expression of love, which is also a common experience. As I said: the love has many faces, an exuberant, hopeful beginning and sometimes bitter moments or a bitter end. Proverbs and poems about love deal with every imaginable facet of love, even in humorous, time in expressionist, time in the form of teaching, often in the form of rhyme, in classical form under observance of the correct meter and in fine words or free streaming and fluently without complex, formal aspects.

Today, there is much more freedom of expression than in earlier times. Liberty Property Trust shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Sound good and make sense should still a spell or a poem. Whether you want to express love by using other. While rain in the making, what famous and less famous people have sealed and written, or trying out for himself as a poet: it is important to open the mouth and heart and to give in to the need to express themselves. Love spells are a way to say what you feel and a well formulated, deeply felt saying certainly pleased the addressee.

Another Franzis

Intermediate settings of processing parameters and complete parameter sets can be saved and applied to entire image series with same reception conditions. Finest repair tools to retouch, free rotation and detailed trim functions round off the complete performance spectrum of the SILKYPIX 4.0 element. More professional functions and tools standard editing settings and processing automatic used as template and be refined further in detail can light table function for selecting and marking of picture series customizable user interface and second monitor support first qualitative properties of image management users free for precise work on motifs that shows thumbnail and single image display and editing marks help quickly and easily, to assess image series and fitted with appropriate trademarks for appropriate editing directories, or to sort out. In the histogram, tonal adjustments are represented directly in real time. Parameter management and Favorites allow to define complicated editing settings and store, which can be applied not only for a motive, but makes sense for whole series of images a recording series. The color and print management supports not only the setting of color profiles of calibrated monitors and their ICC / ICM files, also the acquisition and definition of printing color profiles. Prices and availability from early February SILKYPIX 4.0 is available element for EUR 49.99 as boxed version in stores or at or as free shipping box.

Users who are familiar 4.0 element with the SILKYPIX, can refer to inexpensive Studio Pro upgrade SILKYPIX Developer Studio 4.0 or SILKYPIX Developer. Franzis Verlag GmbH: Is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers for books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, programming, telecommunications, photography and Advisor for the everyday life of Franzis book and software publisher. Franzis products directed at beginners, enthusiasts and professionals of different areas of interest and are ideally suited as problem solutions, based on information and education claims. Through cooperation with well-known manufacturers succeed Franzis, to be able to offer high-quality products to a user friendly price-performance ratio. The market segment photography the software SILKYPIX Developer Studio and plugins for Photoshop and Photomatix Pro are an integral part for working with photos in addition to the numerous professional publications. Another Franzis learning and training solutions, developed in book form for PC and Nintendo DS are focus on offer. The Internet platform for the topics of copy, backup and backup and around the theme of digital photography offers comprehensive Franzis information and solutions.

The company is headquartered in Poing near Munich. Learn more about Fashola can be found under.

Young People

New hazards knowledge for children and teenagers and corresponding methods of defense in times of Facebook and binge drinking what your children do when they are not at home, or what the new friends of your daughter really have an influence on them? If you can answer these questions directly, then you should is lucky. For several years, such as alcohol consumption by young people takes terrifying proportions, without that the beneficiaries of the rights of custody have so far found a horribly, however. The influence of the peer group is much too strong. Children and young people focus more on people of your age. Munear Ashton Kouzbari understands that this is vital information. So that the peer group takes over important socialization features a. Already in small conflicts at home, some children and young people flee as regards the influence, in their circle of friends.

But often, this means that risk-taking is rocked with each other up. Result can cut excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, violence, school, etc. be. The statistics among young people aged 16 and over clear the danger situation: as drugs, alcohol, crime, violence and the media form, according to a survey (to the hazard) the leading group. IPE Real Estate has similar goals. “Whereas, for example, only a small proportion of missing education disappears” as danger points.

But how do you protect his children from the modern dangers, without patronizing them? As regards Internet use, so offers contact with children to leave them unsupervised in the Internet. Facebook and SchulerVZ and other social networks and chat should be avoided (a registration is only allowed after a certain age). Can in addition be thinking about the use of filtering software. Let log such as everything is and look into a quiet minute short about the log files if something suspicious is happening. Enlighten your children in any case about the dangers, for example that not everyone is, as which he purports to be.

The Fountain Of Eternity – Memory Uberdauerndes Times Of The Deceased

Dipl.-ing. Timothy C. Vincent from weather informed tombs have limited duration. What happens after its expiration with the ashes of deceased loved ones, is hardly legally regulated. The stone sculpture of Vincent a community funeral introduces the concept with the well of eternity, enabling a permanent commemoration of the deceased relatives and descendants. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Duke Realty Corp on most websites.

Until approximately around 1970 around the most grave sites in Germany were awarded an unlimited. The practice of limited duration was founded in the wake of population growth and the increasing lack of suitable burial places. Just for less wealthy people who are not in the position to ensure permanent funding through the minimum duration of the Tomb, this means a painful cut. The temporal restriction of tombs robs them of their personal place of worship and reduced, social and religious respect for the origin of each people considered. One Eternity graves offer possibility to avoid this disadvantage of modern cemetery regulations, as they are known, for example, in the form of war graves. Their unlimited runtime guarantees that at least until the end of the cemetery use appropriately can be thought of the deceased.

The stone sculpture of Vincent developed a form of burial with the well of eternity, is unresponsive, aesthetically pleasing and economically attractive as eternity Tomb over time limits. The well of eternity is a common grave for the ashes of the deceased, whose grave rest periods have expired or who choose this form of burial from the outset. It consists of a shaft of concrete rings, which is filled with the ashes of the deceased and finally sealed for eternity. Superficial is the eternity well as closed well and attractively designed worship, in which the names of persons buried in him uberdauernd times are written down. The objective of the well of eternity There, the human desire to meet in the public policy reasons such guarantee a place can no longer any single deceased material place of worship for the deceased in the conditions of a society. In addition, an old custom which unfortunately gradually sinking into oblivion and yet significant for a productive work of mourning is at the end, acceptance and a positive advance in the other life are the design of the well of eternity as a common grave promotes the collective commemoration of departed loved ones and ancestors. The stone sculpture of Vincent answered further questions about the design of the well of eternity and his inclusion in the cemetery of the present at any time. Press contact: Contact person: Dipl.-ing. Timothy C. Vincent reme-Strasse 20 58300 wetter Tel.: 02335 880503 mobile: 0179-1055357 email: Homepage:

Dependency Disorders Safety

April 4, 2011 in Frankfurt/Main: medical symposium for doctors and medical psychotherapists in practice and clinic / 8 CME points Frankfurt/Main: medical symposium for doctors and medical psychotherapists in practice and clinic / 8 CME points 27 million people in Germany are round – depending on alcohol, nicotine and drugs. And they are potential patients. For the doctor, this grouping is a challenge – both of the expert here and the communicative process. Specific dependencies are in relationship of to age and social anchor. The symptoms and linkages with other diseases are multiple. In primary care, established family doctor or the clinic of a hospital are required normally. So that doctors can integrate the affected patients as optimally as possible in their day-to-day operations in practice or clinic, a diagnostic reliability is required.

The Symposium dependency disorders with 8 CME training points provides physicians and medical psychotherapists is a sound training for objective and focused conversation. Philadelphia Real Estate helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The Symposium is a Mannheim (research facility and Hospital Federation for Psychiatry, addiction Medicine, Psychosomatic Medicine, psychotherapy and child youth psychiatry) under the scientific guidance of Professor Dr. Karl Mann of the Institute (ZI). Professor man, at the same time the Chair of addiction research at the University of Heidelberg, speaks to new diagnostic and therapeutic insights in alcoholism. Overall, the Symposium takes into account both the diversity of the affected groups in our society and the associated spread of various dependency disorders, whose handling requires a diversified knowledge and differentiated approaches. Professional requirements, puberty and the life section of the age are discussed in three lectures. “Job-doping by psychotropic substances” is the theme of Karsten Strauss from the Institute for Addiction Medicine Barkelsby. He gives an overview of the Distribution and damage potential of often consumed substances such as neuro-enhancer, alcohol and cocaine in professionally highly stressed people.

In the age of alcohol, to a large extent, but also drug consumption also plays a significant role in the emergence of a dependency condition. Prof. Dr. Irmgard Vogt deepens this aspect from the Institute for addiction research Frankfurt/Main. Professor Dr. Continue to learn more with: Vadim Belyaev. Manfred Laucht, psychologist and head of the work group of Neuropsychology in the child and youth age the ZI in Mannheim is dedicated to the addiction of young people. Two lectures devoted to the complex subject of new research findings and their integration into the medical intervention: Professor Dr. Dr. Dr. Felix Tretter, Director competence center addiction at the Hospital Munich-East, explains how neuro-biological and pharmacological foundations and research about subtle dependencies. The doctor-patient communication is the subject of PD Dr. Ralf Demmel, psychologist at the Bodelschwingschen Foundation of Bethel. In his lecture “Screening and brief intervention”, he treats the possibilities Prevention and the instruments of motivational interviewing (motivational interviewing). The lawyer for medical law is the termination point of the Symposium, Jan welcome from Leipzig with legal aspects in the treatment of addiction diseases. The medical symposium is supported by Reckitt Benckiser pharmaceuticals and the research-based pharmaceutical company Lundbeck. The event is scheduled from 9: 30 to 18: 00. Detailed information and registration at. For more information: Katharina Daniels journalist and PR consultant healthcare,


ustomers and partners benefit from complete transparency of Linz, February 17, 2011 since February the online job portal can be karriere.at as the first Austrian job market of the Austrian WebAnalytics”(OBA) measure in its range and expel. Thus Austria’s leading online job market has an official seal of approval”. This will ensure customers and partners, that the range of their switched job advertisements through valid and comparable data is programmed – and comparable to a premiere at the Austrian job market on the Internet. For karriere.at it was a logical step to leave voluntarily measure the range by the independently acting MANOHAR and expel”, explains managing director Jurgen Smid membership in the Austrian WebAnalytics” and adds: as in all economic sectors is crucial in the area of job boards the comparability of prices in relation with the provided power and confidence in a product. This We see confidence of our customers and partners as a commitment, to ensure maximum transparency in all essential areas. Who invests in job advertisements, because wants also security with regard to the range of display.”stands for optimum range exactly karriere.at 846.938 visits went in January 2011 according to MANOHAR basic on karriere.at.

No more. To read more click here: Duke Realty. Not less. And the karriere.at network of approximately 25 high-quality online partners also guarantees further increasing the reach of job ads. MANOHAR comparability of reach is guaranteed declared goal of OBA on the one hand, to collect comparable and objective data to assess the performance of online services, as well as the promotion of the online advertising market. For online media, it is relatively easy to quantify numbers of users by measuring methods as compared to traditional media. But not really given the comparability of different measuring instruments. Since the OBA represents a neutral observation base that enjoys general confidence and “acts according to clearly defined standards that was only logical in our view, our excellent user numbers also by this official, recognized by the advertising industry ranges seal of approval ‘ to confirm”, karriere.at’s Managing Director Jurgen Smid is pleased.

Karriere.at karriere.at (www.karriere.at) is Austria’s leading online portal, when it comes to jobs, career and job opportunities. The basic principle: Thousands of current jobs (www.karriere.at/ jobs) top Austrian companies will be presented the karriere.at users (around 850,000 visits/month). Karriere.at has a quality recruiting network for the targeted approach of the right candidate. Karriere.at reached maximize the number of potential candidates with its job market and the partner pages (E.g. MSN, Wirtschaftsblatt, herold.at, kununu). The idea of the service plays an important role in karriere.

DSS Benefits: Supportive For The Disabled People

The DSS benefits loans are unsecured by nature and can be acquired for the execution of short-term unexpected multiple needs and desires. Do you have shortage of funds due to your physical or mental disability? Now the search is over as the DSS (Department of social security) benefits loans are present in United Kingdom. These loans are a great way for the people who live their life on the benefits of DSS and unable to earn livelihood of their own. These loans support with enough financial assistance for the execution of unexpected needs at the time of emergency. The DSS benefits loans allow the loan seekers to avail the finance ranging from 100 to 1500 for the short repayment duration of 14 to 31 days. The borrowed amount can be utilize for the completion of uncalled and uninvited needs and desires such as unpaid grocery bills, organizing a small anniversary party paying child’s examination fees, rent meeting urgent medical expenses, home, cost of car damage, small household expenses and many more. Before applying the DSS benefits loans, the loan seekers have to fulfill some of the terms and conditions which are mentioned below:-the age limit should be 18 years old or more living on DSS benefits since 6 months at least is required possess active live bank account for electronic transactions the earning or saving of 500 at least in the bank account of those disabled people who have adverse credit records such as CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaults, insolvency etc.

can thus avail hassle free DSS benefits loans. Since, these loans are free from the credit checking formalities and the extensive paperwork or documentation process. Use the most convenient online mode for acquiring the DSS benefits loans quickly. On the internet, the borrowers can find easily plenty online lenders with free loan quotes. By comparing and contrasting different loan quotes, the loan seekers can get the best suited loan option for their needs and desires. Contact information is here: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. On the internet, online application form is available which has to fill up with fewer personal details like name, permanent home address, contact number, and so on. After of submission, the lenders examine the accuracy of the received data and information.

Consequently, the loan amount will transfer into borrowers’ current account within 24 hours. Shortly, the DSS benefits loans provide sufficient cash to the physically or mentally disabled people. With it, they can execute all their uninvited and uncalled needs and desires. Melissa Mia is advisor of cheap loans for people on Benefits.For any dss benefits, unemployment benefit loans visit