The agriculturists to determine how much of each ingredient the cattle must have. Sometimes the cereal grains are added so that the cattle produces meat of better or more. The cattle has organisms that can take the food from pasturing and turn it into the protein that needs. Following what type of cattle is, the agriculturists give rise to them to live. Sometimes he is in a building that has its temperature controlled already times is only a place where they can leave rain. Since the agriculturists began to " diseo" of its flocks, the animal they have turned into a little weaker and it cannot have very bad climatic conditions, since they were accustomed to years ago. The animal, including horses, mules, oxen, camels, flames, alpacas, and dogs, are often used to help to cultivate the fields, the cultures of the harvest, it disputes of other animal, and products of agricultural transport to the buyers.

The animal young not only talks about to the reproduction and the animal raising for meat or products of origin animal to the harvest (like milk, eggs, or wool), of continuous way, but also to the young and taken care of of species for the work and the comradeship. production systems Cattle raising can be defined on the base of the power supply, as the grass – it bases, compound and without earth. the production of the Cattle raising of pastures is based on vegetal material, such as zones of shrubs, prairies and pastures for the feeding of ruminants. Outside the contributions of nutrients it can be used, nevertheless the dung is given back directly to the prairie like source of important nutrients. This system is especially important in areas where the production of cultures is not viable by climate questions or the ground, which represents 30-40 million shepherds. mixed production systems use of the pastures, fodder cultures and cultures of cereal-fodder for the feeding of ruminant and monogastic (a stomach; mainly hens and pigs) Cattle raising.


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