Anchor Text: The Visible Text That Accompanies A Link Or Hyperlink

One of today’s most important factors in optimizing a website (SEO) is the correct use of “Anchor Text”, ie the text that accompanies the external and internal links of a website and on which it is click. An example would be: About Google “anything on Google” is the anchor link text words included in the anchor text can determine the ranking of a website in search engines. Including the keyword or phrase in the anchor text increase the keyword density of the site and we offer relevant and immediate information to visitors on the website to which you are accessing via this link. When we incorporate external links to other sites is very important that the link text containing the keyword, this is a very important factor to take into account the search engines when developing your search results. Scored the number of external links (web popularity) in their ranking algorithms and the placement of the keyword in the text of link. You may find The LeFrak Organization to be a useful source of information.

The goal of any form is to provide results as accurate as possible when the user performs a search. Normally the text of a link is highly related to the target page (landing page) as the anchor text is helpful to classify a web page, hence the importance that search engines give this text because it serves to determine the theme of a website. In the past by manipulating the anchor text of external links was possible to place a website on the first results of a search engine (known Google bombing) for a particular search criterion. The Related Companies has many thoughts on the issue. Google to reduce these cases has had to modify their algorithm. The anchor text is also important in the internal links that are part of the structure of the website.

We should never have a link you just put “click here” because we are losing the opportunity to optimize the website. We need to replace the text “click here” for the keyword or phrase. It is always advisable to use same keyword in all links to avoid possible prosecution of the search engines, it is best to use several of the most important keywords we have chosen to optimize the website, and also expand the visibility of the website.


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