Andy Borg – Blue Horizon

“The new album by Andy Borg – Blue Horizon Hi, I am very pleased that you’re reading this”, Andy Borg welcomes visitors to its homepage. It requires interest in my music and this album”. Then the singer and presenter presents itself, which has shaped the popular industry like no other. “I’m the one who went in the spring of 1982, with his small car from Vienna to Cologne to the record company. Without even a thought to lose, to begin this career. My life and my dear family, changed by the many people who like my songs, in the most wonderful way.” “Adios Amor” was his first CD and also the eponymous hit, which since Borg is inextricably in the music encyclopedia named Andy.

The songs told of the fishermen of San Juan and the longing for love, Sun, beach and sea. Go to Lincoln Property for more information. This is a staggering 30 years back. In these years, Andy has many songs sung Borg, met many people and some are a part of the way with him gone. Much was subject to change. Not everything was good, what happened to Andy Borg. “Now today and here I know life means change whether you like it or not.” But the horizon has always remained the same. The desires of the people who come who go or stay, remain, a constant that awakens hopes as desires, provides solace and entices the imagination on adventure travel.

The famous three words have Andy Borg brought an Evergreen, only two words describe his life coated through UPS and downs–and that of many other people: Blue horizon. Every person who could, as the Sun is glowing red sinks into the sea, experience had an unforgettable moment in his life. “I could feel him the blue horizon.” The single “when it was called Anna” announced the present CD “Blue Horizon”. True friendship is so important for the entertainer living at Passau that he wrote her a song on his album.


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