Barcelona Apartments

Barcelona is a very touristy and crowded city. With Apartments Barcelona Checkin you can choose accommodation in Barcelona Center or not downtown apartment that allows you to park more easily and cheaply. Don’t forget because, in the Centre of Barcelona parking is not easy thing. If you want to leave your vehicle in the Centre of Barcelona you will pay; free car parks are areas away from the Center, from where you can take public transport. Shopping malls also can be considered a good choice, since they offer much 2 or 3 free hours of parking. It is the case of Diagonal Mar (Marsema, L4), with 3 hours free; The Machinist (L1 Sant Andreu), which offers free parking, or les Glories (L1 Glories), the nearest to the Centre and offers 2 hours free parking * warning: August is the best time to travel to Barcelona by car, since the number of parking spaces that are payment decrease considerblemente because of the few residents that there are in the city during This time.

Also, in the blue area of the Centre, as the neighborhood of l the Diagonal stretch to the height of Paseo de Gracia or Eixample, it still paying. The Catalan capital and SM SM public parking is the company that manages the public parkings of Barcelona. These pakings rate is 2.67 euros by fractions of 1 minute from the start of the parking lot, although there are also nocturnal, diurnal fertilizers and P-8/11 days. Offer discounts and special rates also for events and events in the city like concerts, football matches, sessions of cinema and theatre, etc. Parking in the Green and blue the green zone is identified by the cartel and green soil marks which delimit parking spaces on the street. It’s the area reserved for residents with distinctive plate.

But not residents also can park them in this area, provided they are not squares of exclusive, paying between 2.68 us euros/hour to 2.94 euros/hour. The maximum parking time is 1 hour. By what makes the blue zone, everyone can park in it. There is also a poster (Blue Area) and the parking area is delimited with blue markings. The following tariffs can be found: 1.08 euros/hour, 1.96 EUR/hour, 2.16 EUR/hour and 2.42 euros/hour, second quarter where the blue zone. Maximum in this area the car can stay parked during 2 hours. Private parking in the parking private Barcelona Barcelona do not have a fixed rate. Each particular company fixed prices you create suitable for their services.


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