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The woman is still socially constructed from the demands of male power. Your access to the public not exempted from the private. It is true that it is no longer a mere object of desire and submission. He has also begun to be legal subject, labor and sexual. But the new rights not exempt from their traditional duties. He can not ignore the housework even assuming social responsibilities. There is pressure to keep you in shape while the men are neglectful of their own image.

To refrain from younger partners while the male they are allowed. A similar equal work fails to pay or actual inclusion hierarchies. These statements are not in Women think different but do not contradict its spirit, as the authors state, among other things, that the lean production philosophy is due to female longstanding powerlessness of women. To find the difference of women thought the men confronted with philosophical discourses, committing a fallacy, because it is numerically universes dissimilar. The philosophers abound, the philosophers are scarce. The comparison would be valid only to a fair production.

Moreover, surprisingly the authors state that the difference of thought does not rest on the ancient social exclusion of women, but the fact that most men were able to shut himself thinking, while women in general, not deviated from their obligations to do so. I believe that if they did not is because males, in power-were allowed to reflect isolated, while the female thought-from exclusion "was confined to the domestic. Ultimately, one could say that women today are no longer subject, but neither emancipated. A possible slogan would be "neither bond nor released; recharged." Posted in To you, Buenos Aires, September 10, 2004


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